Kumble may continue as the ICC Cricket Committee chief if he wants to
Kumble may continue as the ICC Cricket Committee chief if he wants to

India’s new coach Anil Kumble has said that his focus would be to convince the players rather than imposing his philosophy on them.
“There is an existing set of players and I will first like to absorb everything. Hopefully, then I will be able to convince them. If they don’t buy it, they won’t own it and the approach won’t work. I want to work as an enabler for things to happen,” Kumble told bcci.tv on Friday.

The former Indian bowler admitted that he learnt a lot form former India and Mumbai Indians coach John Wright and said that he will try to follow Wright’s coaching style during his tenure.

“I played a lot under John Wright (former India coach). He has been a great influence and that’s how I would probably go about my job,” said Kumble.

“As a mentor of Mumbai Indians, I brought John in as he understood a lot about Indian culture and how coaches work here. I will pick his brains. Gary Kirsten, of course, was involved for a very short period. He also worked in the background and didn’t make himself visible. I also try and be behind the scenes,” Kumble was categorical about his philosophy of coaching.

Kumble said that his role would be to take the burden off captain’s shoulders.

“As a coach, my job is to take the burden off the captain’s shoulders. There are cricketing as well non-cricketing decisions and this is where I can take a lot of burden off captain’s shoulders. When I was the captain, I realised that it was not just taking decisions on the field but off it as well. I would be looking to address those, so that burden from captains shoulders is lessened,” said Kumble.

Insisting on the fact that a coach’s role is not limited only on the field but also off the field, Kumble said that he would try to mould the young players into leaders.

“You are not only a coach on the cricket field but I believe you are a coach off it also. My job will be to try and build personalities as well as leaders. There are wonderful talents and we can make leaders out of them. It’s not a quick fix. There will not always be highs but one will see lows too.

You can’t only be a coach during successful times but you also have to be a coach during tough phases,” said the 45-year-old.

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