The newly elected chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC), N Srinivasan recently stated his viewpoint about Test Cricket saying that the traditional 5-day format game cannot be a 10 member club forever. He also pointed out that China is keen to enter into the group if Cricket becomes a sport at the Olympics. 

Recently the Annual Conference Week of the ICC was held and several important matters were discussed there which included the provision for organizing day-night tests. There were discussions about other matters too and an important matter in that is wide-spreading the game. Srinivasan spoke about the matter yesterday and he stated, “Test cricket cannot be a 10-men club. So in those countries where there is an opportunity, there is interest and where there is domestic structure.”

Now, after being elected as the ICC Chairman, Srinivasan has a big aim of globalising cricket and has started taking actions according to that. He also spoke about China’s plans in taking active interest in the game of Cricket.

“The Cricket administrator also stated, “The Chinese are the member of Asian Cricket Council (ACC). A representative of Chinese Cricket Association made it clear that if cricket becomes an Olympic sport then they will plunge into it. But at the moment they are concentrating on other sports.” 

Cricket is getting spreaded throughout the world indeed. Recently, we have seen Netherlands and Nepal being given the international status in Cricket and also the interest about Cricket seems to be growing among the Associate Nations which is a good sign for the game.


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