Crime ran unchecked at the Feroz Shah Kotla Ground as a number of pick-pocketing cases were reported to the police on the same day.

Almost 10 cases of stolen possessions, either mobiles or wallets, were reported to the police during 12 April’s Premier league game.

A special team has already been commissioned to prevent any further instances of such occurrences. The special team would be dressed in both uniforms and plainclothes.

The police has also decided to put up pictures of the more notorious thieves on display, to make people more aware of the situation.

Further, the stolen phones will be traced for any options to retrieve said mobile phone operators. For this they have enlisted the help of the special branch.

Police have also tried scanning CCTV cameras for any clues regarding the pickpockets, besides technical surveillance of the stolen phones. The police are leaving no stones unturned in their effort to recover the stolen possessions.

One such unfortunate incident, Anuj Gupta reported the loss of a mobile phone when he was buying drinks from the stadium stall.

It was discovered through technical surveillance by the police that the phone was used even after it had been lost from possession, indicating that it may have been stolen.

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