Returning from a disastrous English tour, where he averaged 13.40 including all the formats, Virat Kohli has decided to go down to Mumbai and sought out with the man whom he replaced the No.4 batting position in Tests, Sachin Tendulkar. Kohli had his first session for his progress with Tendulkar at the MCA-BKC Indoor Academy on Thursday. Along with Virat Kohli, Yuvraj Singh was also chosen the same way to sort out his batting woes.

It was known that the 25-year-old batsman had to approach Tendulkar to find out the technical flaws in his batting that were exploited by the England bowlers as he failed to play outside the off-stump as he was challenged continuously with such deliveries.

Former Test player and present BCCI’s batting coach at the BKC academy, Lalchand Rajput, was also present during the session, along with Yuvraj Singh. “Virat was here for an intense session today (Thursday). Sachin was present too. He is going to come in for practice over the next two-three days as well. Since Virat had time, he felt he could come and just stay in touch. He worked on his off-stump game. We will have a better idea about how his form is in a couple of days, though international players don’t take time,” Rajput said.

Kohli is not the first one to from the present Indian team to turn to Tendulkar to check themselves over their batting technique. The batting great, who gave up the game in last November, has been still working behind the scenes with a number of players over the past few months.

On Wednesday, Tendulkar spent a couple of hours working with Ajinkya Rahane, who was the standout performer with the bat during the tour of England. Some other people at the academy also revealed that Sachin had similar interactions with Rohit Sharma and Suresh Raina earlier in the year. Even Raina gave Tendulkar a special mention after he scored a ton during the second ODI at Cardiff.

Mumbai coach Pravin Amre, who has been a personal coach for Rahane and Raina, said that having someone of the stature of Tendulkar speaking to his players was always a massive boost. “Sachin has vast knowledge and no one can beat him in terms of experience. He has been sharing his thoughts with the players for a while now and we had few sessions with him earlier too. Having his expertise always helps,” he said.

Amre told that in his interactions Tendulkar spoke about technical aspects of batting along with helping him in overcoming many challenges thrown by the bowlers around the world. “The other day, he spoke to Ajinkya about the importance of feet-position and body weight. These kinds of session’s help these youngsters clear any doubt they might have in their head,” Amre said.

When contacted over helping out players, Tendulkar didn’t wanted to comment.

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