Sri Lanka continued their 1st innings journey from the end of the 2nd day to the first session of the 4th day. Eranga and Herath were standing at the pitch. The pitch coughed up some dust yesterday, but it has still been largely docile. Tahir initiated the bowling attack but Steyn, Morkel bowling combo was very eager to take the last wicket of the Sri Lankan Innings. Both the batsmen were trying to be stable on the pitch and they started their innings carefully. Steyn was suppressing Sri Lanka quiet well but Morkel put the last nail in the coffin taking the last wicket of Herath. Basically AB De Villiers put that nail taking a stunning catch. AB has pulled off a stunner at second slip! The ball had passed him, but he just would not give. Dives to his left and plucks it out of thin air.

Sri Lanka ended up with 292 runs on the scoreboard. Lots of anger about the ball-tampering issue coming in, some with a little colourful language. Elgar and Petersen started the 2nd innings of Sri Lanka. Lakmal-Herath duo initiated the bowling attack. But this duo did not work at the pitch. Elgar,Petersen was playing quiet great manner. They were trying to build a partnership when Herath got Elgar into his trap. Elgar scored 12 off 29 balls. Petersen was looking aggressive in the 2nd innings. Perera got him shortly. In that very moment South Africa was needed a good partnership. Amla and du Plessis was trying to build that one. Before Lunch South Africa scored 63 runs for 2 wickets.

The second session started with Amla and du Plessis carrying on with their momentum in scoring for the team. Again Perera who succeeded to break the partnership and got Amla. Amla contributed only 22 runs. Lakmal,Heratha and Perera were working hard. Du Plessis hold the control of the South African string. Ab de Villiers was holding the other side when du Plessis was in the explosive mood.

Herath got him at the 38th over. Ab and De Kock was moving the scoreboard well. Herath himself did a mistake when he dropped the catch of de kock at the 43rd over. After the 2nd life he started patiently. Perera got the big man De Villier’s wicket. Duminy came in the crease. But Perera declared that this day is registered only for him by taking De Kock’s wicket. And the score was 206 runs on the board at the end of the second session. South Africa seceded to declare.

Third session started by Steyn who was bowling to Tharanga. Tharanga and Silva opened the 2nd innings for Sri Lanka. Tharanga was looking aggressive but Steyn read his mind and got him into his trap at the 3rd over. Sangakkara came to the crease replacing Tharanga. Sangakkara was charging from very beginning of his innings. Silva was also giving him a warm partnership. Tahir, Duminy, Philander also joined the bowling attack but did not work out. Sangakkara played a good innings and succeeded to build a good partnership. The 4th day ended at 5:15 pm when Sri Lanka already collected 110 runs in their pocket losing only 1 wicket.

So, undoubtedly we are going to see a nail biting match in the fifth day. Let’s see if Sri Lanka can win the match or not.   

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