One of the richest leagues in the world the IPL is also one of the most popular television event in the nation. The growth in the viewership of this event shows that it is only growing in popularity despite all the negativity that has surrounded it during the previous seasons.

The TAM media research released data indicating that this season’s IPL has a viewership of 25% more than what it was for the previous season in the first 4 weeks. The TAM has reviewed the first 34 matches of this season and it showed that these 34 matches were viewed by 172 million unique viewers in comparison to the 169 of the previous year for the same set of 34 matches.

10 percent growth has also been seen in the time spent by a viewer per match. The television viewership rating of this season IPL at 3.8 is also more than what it was for the previous season at 3.1. This growth in popularity of this season IPL specially when there is a down trend in the viewership of cricket as such shows that the IPL is continuing to do well, said Rohit Gupta the president of MSM.

The games RCB vs Mumbai & Kolkata vs Chennai recorded a TVR of 8.3 which is the highest for this season. The fact that the cumulative viewership of IPL has increased to 200 million this season shows that’s the IPL has not lost its popularity.

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