While batsmen put away bowlers with effortless ease, carving them away out of the stadium, bowlers too have bamboozled batsmen and leave them utterly clueless leaving them embarrassed in the twenty two yards. However the gentleman’s game has thrown many colourful characters who have captured the imagination of fans adorning their hairstyles and the way they adorn it. Today we here at Sportzwiki present our readers the top five cricketers with most weird hairstyles.

Sunil Narine: The West Indian mystery spinner has outfoxed and outwitted batsmen ever since he has graced the gentleman’s game. Narine’s Mohawk style was earlier made famous England Football captain David Beckham and his funky hair hasn’t changes over the years. Till Narine outwits batsmen and picks up wickets, let’s hope we get to see more variations in his hairstyle.  

Lasith Malinga: The Sri Lankan pace bowler with his curl blonde like hair is equally deadly as his toe crushers. Malinga’s accuracy at hitting the stumps is unquestionable while his hairstyle too seems apt thanks to his bowling action. While his immaculate bowling has won hearts all over the cricket fraternity, his hairstyle has also been appreciated.


Andrew Symonds: A brilliant batsmen and an effective bowler on his day, Australian Andrew Symonds picks himself in our list with his dreaded locks. Symonds did change over to being bald over his career and the Australian whose match winning skills was never questioned left his fans reeling thanks to smirkful smile.  

Shane Watson: The Australian all rounder’s ever changing and enviable hair style is much appreciated as his cricketing skills. While it comes to launch bowlers out of the park or deliver with equal venom with the ball, Shane Watson has done it all in the cricket field.

Colin Miller:  Perhaps the most weird hairstyle of all time, Colin Miller’s blue hair style. The Australian spinner also sported weird pink, yellow, green, red hair which left the world shocked. Sadly he perhaps has more hairstyles than the number of wickets he picked.

Honourable Mentions:

Kevin Pietersen: Known for his deadly batting and the effortless ease with which he puts bowlers away, Kevin Pietersen is also known for his ever changing hairstyles. While he started with his spiky blonde hair, the South African born English middle order batsman picks himself as one of the honourable mentions.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni: The Indian captain has done it all. Starting out with his locks, or having a Mohawk to being bald, Dhoni picks himself in the list.

Jason Gillespe: The fast bowler’s gypsy styled hairstyle is widely known. While no one doubted his cricketing abilities, he took over 250 Test wickets in his career. 


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