Virat Kohli believes he edged that one but not the umpire.

DRS and Virat Kohli aren’t friends, they never were and let’s believe they hardly will. After parting ways with the ball in his previous two innings, Virat finally offered bat but couldn’t help his fortune run away from him.

During India’s second innings, he looked settle, maybe for the first time in the series, but crossed path with a staying low delivery from Josh Hazlewood and was found trapped in-front of wickets yet again. As soon as the umpire raised his finger, he took no time to take a DRS, without considering anyone’s opinion on that. First glare was, he looks confident that he edged that.

Umpire then offered his review call to the third official and the snicko meter was taken into consideration. With the lack of evidence, the third umpire couldn’t fix up his mind and then to confirm his take on the decision he asked the pitch-map to be taken. Well, the incoming delivery had the umpires impact in favour and thus the captain was adjudged LBW on 15 off 25.

The misery for skipper continues and Australia is making the best of it. Here’ is the video of how controversial a decision was that.


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