Virat Kohli after winning the Pakistan hurdle at the Eden Gardens, Kolkata, on March 19, 2016.

Virat Kohli was at his absolute best during India’s Super 10 fixture against Bangladesh in Bangalore last evening. The game went down till the wire and it were the men in blue, who held their nerves and emerged victorious in the end. Hardik Pandya and MS Dhoni kept their cool to steal the game for India from the jaws of defeat.

However, an interesting episode occurred during the Bangladesh innings which featured Indian heartthrob Virat Kohli. Kohli was stationed near the boundary and being the icon he is, the crown went ballistic. Chants of “Kohli – Kohli” were audible as the crowd witnessed a modern day legend out on the field representing his nation.

After hearing the chants of his name, Kohli soon turned back and waved towards the crowd. Kohli then looked at the crowd and gestured towards his chest, on which the team name was imprinted. His actions meant that he urged the crowd to root for team India with the same intensity than for him alone. He simply urged the crowd the cheer “India- India” instead of his name alone. It was an act, which just explains the legend of Virat Kohli, who puts the team always ahead of himself.

Check out the video below, of Kohli urging the crowd to support for team India.


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