West Indies v Bangladesh 2nd Test, 2nd: Day Report

Shashi / 15 September 2014

Cruising at 246 runs for the loss of 3 wickets at the end of the 1st day, they were sitting in the driver’s seat of the match. Excellent first day for West Indies in their 500th Test, set up by a patient century stand from their openers who saw out the first session when the pitch was at its most helpful to the bowlers. Bangladesh‘s bowlers, though, didn’t bowl all that well at the start, and they will regret that, because they have been much much better since breaking that opening partnership. They will also regret the two dropped catches, particularly the one that gave Chanderpaul a life when he was batting on 34. As it stands, they will have to come back tomorrow and contend with Darren Bravo, who is six runs from his fifty, and Chanderpaul, who usually makes teams pay for dropping him. In test cricket it is very much essential for the simmer to have swing in their bowling. Mushfiqur does not look like he understand how to use bowlers and fields men in test cricket. He is too much defensive where, he should be aggressive in his style. All the batsmen think about a half century to make sure the next where selector must play them.

In the first session Al-Amin to open the bowling, with Bravo on strike. 1st over of the day was maiden. Al-Amin Hossain and Robiul Islam was pressing the Caribbean batsmen from the initial phase. Robiul got success at 98th over when he took Bravo’s wicket who contributed 46 runs. Blackwood took Bravo’s place in the crease. These two batsmen were rotating strikes very carefully to build a partnership. But there cautious attitude did not help and Al-Amin Hossain took Blackwood’s wicket on 101st over. Shafiul Islam the man who took another wicket in the next over. He took Roach’s wicket. Taylor came to the crease and started his innings aggressively. He was lucky as he was dropped at 106th over. Taylor gave the momentum in the scoreboard. Taijul islam took the danger man Taylor’s wicket at the 111th over. Till lunch after the end of 113 overs West Indies were at 341 runs for the loss of 8 wickets.

Bangladesh must have tucked in to a hearty lunch as they thoroughly enjoyed the morning session, taking five scalps in all. Chanderpaul was facing Shaiful at the start of second session. Benn and Chanderpaul were trying to play aggressively to press Bangladeshi bowlers but Hossain got Benn into his trap in 123rd over, who scored 25 runs. Gabriel and Chanderpaul were on the edge of their innings. Robiul ended up Caribbean innings by taking last man Gabriel’s wicket. They cruised at 380 runs at the end of 124 over. Tamim Iqbal and Shamsur Rahman opened the Bangladesh innings. They were playing carefully but Roach was successful to get Shamsur’s wicket who scored only 1 run. Till the tea at the end of 12 overs Bangladesh scored 25 runs for the loss of 1 wicket.

Third session started with Roach about to let loose on Anamul Haque. Bangladeshi batsmen were rotating strikes quite fast. Roach got Anamul Haq at 19th over. Tamim and Mominul were at the crease then. They were looking for a partnership but Roach got Tamim into his trap. Taylor got Mominul at 28th over who scored 3 runs. After the end of 28th over they were at 65 runs for the loss of 4 wicket. Mahmudullah and Mushfiqur Rahim were standing at the crease. But Taylor got Rahim at the 32nd over who contributed 4 runs. In the next over Roach got Nasir Hussain into his trap. Roach was very happy to get one more wicket of Tajiul Islam. Mahmudullah and Shafiul were at the crease then and at the stumps they were cruised at 104 runs for the loss of 7 wicket.

3rd day will be very crucial for Bangladesh. Can they save themselves from these batting disaster or West Indies will gain control in the match. Let’s see what happens in the 3rd day.

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