Will request CM a job for my elder son, says Ankit Keshri’s father

Shashi / 23 April 2015

The loss of a loved one is always hard to digest and when it is someone that was ready to serve the nation it is even harder. Ankit Keshri from West Bengal will always be remembered as a talented youngster who had the potential to set the world stage on fire.

Rajkumar Kesri the father of the under-21 player came into public and has requested the Chief Minister of Bengal to help his family as they are not financially sound at the moment. Rajkumar said that he will ask Mamta Banerjee the Chief Minister of west Bengal to see if she can help Ankit’s brother Deepak by giving him a job and said that it would help his family in this time of need.

The father and son who own a tea stall in a busy locality in Kolkata explained that Ankit was carrying all hopes of the family and that he will get them out of this financial situation, and explained that his death has burst that into ashes, and that his family will need the help of the government to right there financial situation. Father also explained that the chief minister has promised family in any way possible and that he hopes that Deepak will get a job and that he will be able to help this family.

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