Petr Cech pens an emotional letter to Chelsea fans, ignores JOSE MOURINHO completely

shashi / 29 June 2015

Petr Cech has official joined Chelsea’s direct rivals after serving at Stamford Bridge for over 11 years. Following his controversial move, Cech opted to pen down an emotional letter for the Chelsea fans.

What is most surprising about Cech’s letter to Chelsea football club is the way how Cech has completely failed to mention his mentor Jose Mourinho in a long 8-para letter.

Cech has described his 11 year journey as an amazing experience and shared every important moment of his career with the Chelsea fans.

Cech started by describing his disbelief of the moment where he is finally saying a goodbye to the club which he joined back in 2004.

Here is the complete letter by Petr Cech to the Chelsea supporters:

Cech has not failed to mention about the glorious Premier League, Champions League and Europa League triumphs at the club. Cech even went on to say how he remained at Chelsea despite being overlooked last season.

Cech cleared how he held a conversation with Chelsea’s owner Roman Abramovich and decided to leave the club. However, what is surprising in Cech’s letter is complete omission of Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho was Cech’s manager in two different spells and was instrumental in the player becoming the best keeper in Premier League. Mourinho’s absence is certain to fuel many rumors regarding a tussle between manager and the player.

There is certain to have developments regarding Mourinho’s absence from Petr Cech’s emotional letter to the Chelsea fans.

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