Exposed: England players were forced to do this during matches by manager!!

Sankha Ghosh / 12 September 2016

England players between 1982 and 1990 were ordered to celebrate in front of specific advertising boards after scoring, according to a recent report in  The Mirror.

Ex-agent and England national team employee Jon Smith has admitted that England players were told to celebrate goals in specific locations, in accordance with the advertising boards, an order that was authorised by former Three Lions boss Sir Bobby Robson.

Smith worked alongside Robson for eight years, managing the commercial affairs of the England national team.

He went on to say that players were even told to lie down, in order to fully expose the branded advertisements.

“There was a particular sportswear company who had the run of the mill, had the whole show for England and we were desperately trying to bring in new sponsors,” Smith told the BBC, as quoted in  The Mirror.

“Bobby Robson was absolutely wonderful and allowed this to mature under his guidance.

“If we were in a friendly game, he’d allow me to have a chat with the lads before they left the hotel. A kind of pre-team talk, team talk.

“I’d say, look, we’ve got this particular sponsor and the advertising board is half-way down the right-hand side.

“So, when you score, if you can run to it. Oh, and by the way, when you get to it, fall over.

“The camera will pick you up lying on the ground and the advert is in your face.

“There is some wonderful footage of the England lads scoring and looking around and going: ‘Now where are we supposed to run?’

“And they are all looking and suddenly one of the guys spots it and they all hare off, 80 yards down the pitch.

“Nobody actually asked why they did that!”