Arsenal may not extend Wilshere’s contract after recent controversy

Indranil Bhattacharya / 05 April 2016

Terry Neill said: “I can’t understand young players who have so much but cannot behave. Jack is an immense talent who has been unfortunate with injuries and it is a delicate time for him. People may say he was letting off steam but he should let off steam by playing.”

SHOCKING!!! Isn’t it? Yes, the Gunners legend was talking about Jack Wilshere, who is not a stranger to controversies off the pitch! The Arsenal starlet was caught up in a punch-up just minutes after his party had been asked to leave the Cafe de Paris in the early hours, at about 3 am, for allegedly verbally abusing the staff.

The question which is annoying everyone is what was he doing at the Cafe de Paris at 3 am out there in the West End? It is not the first time he is involved himself in such controversies, back in 2010 Jack was cautioned for an assault after an incident outside another nightclub in West London, that too at 3am, a year later spitting at a taxi driver who was wearing a hat which had the badge of Arsenal’s rivals from the North London- Spurs, led him to another caution. And who can forget the smoking incident of 2013? Wilshere who made his EPL debut at the age of 16, was caught red handed on the camera while smoking, but isn’t he old enough now to do such foolish stuffs?

Though according to The Sun the midfielder has denied his involvement in the night club incident and his agent said: “We are aware of the incident.”  Jack has been left in no doubt Gunners officials once again feel embarrassed and disappointed with his behaviour as he faces a fine of his one week’s wage and it has rained doubts over his new contract extension talks.

He was hauled in by manager Arsenal boss Wenger after yesterday’s training to explain his part in the incident which took place in Piccadilly Circus at 3 am on Sunday morning.

Although there is nothing harsh coming from The Cafe de Paris, as they stated: “We can confirm Jack was asked to leave but he is welcome back anytime.”

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