The much awaited Germany vs Portugal match might not have been the most competitive match in the World Cup but putting it in Picutres, Germany 5 – 1 Portugal becomes a visual delight.

The beautiful fans, the mesmerizing play by Germany, the hot-head Portuguese Pep getting a Red card and a very frustrated looking Cristiano Ronaldo all make a perfect recipe for a great show in pictures. 

The fans from both clubs were looking Gorgeous definitely 




The early penalty awarded to Germany and Thomas Muller made it 1-0 for Germany.



Matt Hummels then soon made it 2-0 with a classic header 



Then the moment that argubaly killed an chance of Portugal to make a comeback. Pepe lost his cool and head-butted Thomas Muller and deservedly got a red card. 





Thomas Muller then killed the match with his 2nd and Germany’s third to make it 3-0 before half time. 



The German fans were certainly enjoying their afternoon  



As the match went on, Cristiano Ronaldo’s frustration was visibly shown as he protested to the referee about a decision going against his team.


The match went from bad to worse for Portugal as Fabio Coentrao was strechtered off for a hamstring injury



Thomas Muller then put the final nail in the coffin and made it 4-0 for the Germans.



Though Cristiano Ronaldo kept on going till the end, but it was all in vain.  



The match ended 4-0 and a deserved win for the Germans to celebrate.  



Bastian Schweinsteiger was seen consoling Cristiano Ronaldo after the match 


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