Video: This Man Utd target brought the memory of Ronaldinho back with a similar goal

Sankha Ghosh / 09 November 2015

It was just like Neymar dressed up as Ronaldinho against Villarreal in La Liga. The second goal of the Brazilian forward in Barcelona’s victory was a unique one which will surely make its way in the history books as Barcelona prepared well for the first Clasico of the season with a convincing 3-0 win.

People are already talking about the goal is already super hit all over the world with people’s amazing reactions. Many are even recollecting a similar goal that was scored by Ronaldinho in 2004 against Osasuna. 

11 years ago, ‘Ronnie’ gave Barçelona the much awaited lead when they were almost drawing the match with an amazing move – control, chip, spin and then a stunning volley. 

Yesterday Neymar received a pass from Suarez, contolled the boll nicely with his chest, then lifted it over a Villarreal defender, pirouetted in a flash and gave a sweet volleyed finish.

You can also remember that Ronaldinho also once scored a magnificent goal against this Villarreal, the famous chilena effort of the 2006-07 season still mesmerizes his fans. 


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