Bengal Warriors beat Puneri Paltans in the first match of the day at the Kanterva Stadium, Bengalru just few moments ago. It was a close match but Bengal Warriors played some excellent Kabaddi and got the points when needed.

In the first half Bengal Warriors started raid as Pune won the toss and elected the court. Mahender Rajput and Yogendra for Pune  and Kedra Lal and Wazir had empty raid. Rajput earned the touch point in do or die raid. BW masked for review that Hidda touched Shyam that was successful getting ain’t taking the tally to 2-0 in favor of Kolkata. Next raid of Mahipal was Narwal was tackled taking BW to 3. Pune also earned a point sending raider Vineet out of court.

Rajput touched 2 players And 2 points ending next Pune raider was tackled successfully to take Bengal Warriorsto 6 point. Wazir fell but managed to maintain balance and Rajput was thrown out of court in next raid taking the score to 6-3. Kolkata asked. A review saying raider did not touch anybody that succeeded again taking them to 7. Mahipal Narwal was tackled and captured by bending the knee by Shyam Saha. Dinesh was also tackled for the third time getting by defenders and thrown out, taking the score to 8-4. In favor of BW in first 10 minutes play.

Jitesh in do or die raid did not get bonus or touch any opponent giving BW their 9 points. Technical time out was taken in a do or die raid. Huda was was involved in super tackle taking Pune to  7 points. Sachin replaced injured Jitesh but had an empty raid. Mahipal Narwal in his third raid also had empty raid.  Dinesh Kumar was tackled in his next raid taking Pune to 8. In a do or die raid Mahipal was tackled by Shyam coming from behind. Kedar’s fourth raid was also empty. Sachin had another empty raid. Kedar Lal was tackled taking Pune to 9. Rajput the only successful,raider of the day also had empty raid Jitesh Joshi also had empty raid followed by Praveen Jangra too with an empty raid. Jitrsh earned a 2 points and Pune. The score at half time was 12-12.

In the second half, Jung Lee and Wazir Singh raids were empty. Jung Lee earned a touch point to give Bengal Warriors 13-12 lead. Yoginder Hudda was captured and Bengal Warriors earned 1 point. Pune was awarded 2 points. Jung Lee raid was empty. Tushar Patil was captured and Bengal Warriors got 2 pts for 16-14 lead. Jung Lee earned 1 point for crossing the mid line. The next 3 raids were empty. Jung Lee was captured and Pune earned 2 points. Vineet Kumar raid was empty. Sachin V was captured due to a do or die raid for 19-16 lead for Bengal Warriors.

Sunil Jaipal’s raid was empty. Yogesh Hudda was captured and Bengal Warriors earned 1 point. Vineet Sharma was captured and Pune got 2 pts. Tushar Patil was captured and the umpire awarded 2 points but Pune asked for a review and the decision went in favor of Bengal Warriors. The next raid for Bengal was empty. Tushar Patil earned 1 point. Sunil Jaipal got Pune all out and Bengal Warriors earned 4 points. Pune also earned 1 point. Sunil Jaipal earned another pt for 27-20 lead for Bengal Warriors.

Sunil Jaipal earned another point. The next raid Wazir Singh earned a bonus but Bengal Warriors asked for a review but Wazir Singh got a point. Pune earned 1 more point. Sunil Jaipal earned a bonus point. Yogesh Hudda was given out because the raider getting into lobby. Wazir Singh earned a pt. Jung Lee raid was empty. Wazir Singh earned 2 points while Sunil Jaipal earned 1 more point. Yogesh Hudda earned 2 points. Sunil Jaipal raid was empty and Yogesh Hudda earned 1 pt. Bengal Warriors won the match 31-28.

    I am pavan Suresh. I have done my schooling from LPS. I am big fan of sports especially cricket and want to become a sports journalist. I want to write cricket articles.

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