Bengaluru Bulls beat Puneri Paltans and Delhi beat Bengal Warriors, their second successive loss at Kolkata that finished just few moments ago. It was an excellent display by Bengaluru who played aggressive Kabaddi trailing at half time but came back strongly in the second half. In the second match Delhi dominated Bengal Warriors throughout.

In the first match First two raids of both teams went empty. In third raid Pune caught the opponent and earned first point. Next two raids also earned points for Pune followed by second capture of Bengaluru Bull’s raider taking score to 5-0. Ashish got 2 points for Bulls and reduced the margin to 2-5, Wazir Singh then took 1 more point from the raid.

In the next raid, Manjeet Chillar was caught giving Puneri Paltans 7-3 lead. In the next Bull’s Ashish was caught leading to all out giving Puneri Paltans a 10-4 lead. Manjeet Chillar got the point from the next two raids reducing the gap 6-10. From Puneri Paltans Tushar got the point taking 11-6 lead. Manjeet Chillar got one more point and Ashish got 2 points in a do or die raid for Puneri Paltans.

In the next raids, Pardeep of Bulls and Tushar were caught in their next raids respectively. At the break Puneri Paltans led 13-12. In the second half both teams first raids went blank. The Bengaluru Bulls took the lead for the first time in the match as they caught Manjeet Chillar in the 23rd minute through a super tackle. The Bulls led 18-17 as Wazir Singh was only man left resulting through a brilliant tackle by Dharamraj.

Rakesh Narwal earned a super tackle and gave Bengaluru 3 points. The Bulls kept on increasing their lead with 28-22 with 5 minutes to go. Bengaluru won the match by 31-26. The Bengaluru Bulls did a great job by ending the Kolkata leg with two out of 2 wins.

The second match was between Dabang Delhi taking on Bengal Warriors. Bengal Warriors started the match with no success where as Kashiling Adake earned the first point of the match for Delhi. Bengal Warriors earned the first point by catching Kashling Adake in the next raid. Kyun Lee was out in a do die raid.

In the 6th minute Dabang Delhi got another point. Rohit Kumar was also in a do or die raid. Bajirao Hodge was injured. It was neck to neck as both teams were equal 5-5 at 11th minute. Delhi Dabang Rohit Kumar took super raid giving his team 3 points. Bengal Warriors were all out to give Delhi 14-8 lead. Bengal Warriors were trailing 10-15 at half time.

In the second half, Delhi started with a raid. Rohit Kumar was caught by Bengal giving a point. Rajput and Dinesh were caught in successive raids giving Delhi 2 points.  Rohit Kumar was caught in the next raid giving Bengal Warriors a point. Next Sunil and Rajput were caught again taking Delhi to 20-12 lead.

Dinesh was caught taking Delhi to 20-13 lead in 29th minute. In this raid he injured his knees. Delhi’s Rohit was caught taking Kolkata to 14 points. In the next raid Sunil of Kolkata was captured. Lee replaced Pravin and went on a raid immediately with no success. He had 6 empty raids today by now. Kashiling was also not in the form today as he had just 20% successful rate. Kashiling was also caught in a do or die raid both teams earning a point each and score was 22-16 five minutes before the final whistle.

After resumption, Shyam Kumar was caught by Amitkumar’s good effort supported by others. Next raid Rohit was caught in a super tackle earning 2 points. Amit repeated his catching skill. Kashiling earned 2 points. Lees in his next was caught making Kolkata all out getting Delhi a formidable lead of 29-19 2 minutes before end. Kashiling earned another 2 points in the next raid also. Lee did earn last point for Kolkata. Last raid by Avinash was not successful but Delhi won comfortably with a score of 32-21.

Delhi earned 10 touch points as against 3 of Kolkata. Tackle points were 13 and 10 respectively. Successful raids thus got the victory to Delhi team.

At the end of this leg, UMumbai, Telugu Titans and Bangalore Bulls were leading teams in that order. The tournament moves to Jaipur from tomorrow the 26th July 2015.

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