Tennis is a game of hardships, cruelties and dedications. Some win over these to achieve the ultimate,THE GRAND SLAMS, while some fall short. Inspite of their immense talent, they remain the unlucky ones to never win a gran slam in their entire career but people remember them for their entertainment. They made us laugh and laugh till date with their funny deeds apart from the games and make a permanent place in our hearts as entertainers.


This Serbian might be out of the top 400 currently but achieved a career highest rank of number 8 during the summers of 2012. His statement sunglasses made him stand out on the court. Of his innumerable funny incidents, this video in a match party where he mimics tennis legend Novak Djokovic made him win the 5th position in the list:


Petkovic is a really talented German tennis champ who has got a number of WTA titles by her name but failed to win a grand slam yet. Besides her talent, she has a humourous personality. It was her tradition to perform a dance ( later named as petko-dance by her fans) after every victory. Here are the steps-


This Danish tennis sensation became world no.1 during WTA tours but still failed to manage a Slam. She keeps on doing things on the court and when she is around, entertainment is assured. See as she imitates her friend and current world no. 1 Serena Williams:


He is ‘the player who flies’. The French star is arguably the best tricks player ever and the world stands stunned when he hits the slider shots of his. Besides his techniques and forgetting the pain of not winning a single slam yet, He entertains the crowd like no one. Here is a video showing how he enjoys his game and lets people have a gala time at the same instance:



This legendary player has been through a lot, from not being able to play his game for three years to gambling to casinos and losing own money but none of them stopped him from making people smile. He holds dual nationality of Iran and France. This video of his is in itself enough to prove why he is the no. 1 in our list. Have a look:


A game canbe hard and one should play that with full dedication, but it’s the enjoyment in the game that keeps it alive. We salute these entertainers for their spirit and wish the ones still playing to move on and win the desired title- GRAND SLAM real soon.

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