3 downsides of 2nd 2015 Episode’s RAW

Arindam Paul / 06 November 2015

This week’s RAW had seen a massive decrease in the terms of viewers, which saw a record low in recent years. This may be due to lack of star presence like Cena, Orton or Undertaker or even Brock Lesnar. And no further interesting developments are coming. These are 3 shortcomings of this week.

No clue for Cena

After losing his US title, Cena is in constant absence in WWE live events which is one main reason for lower ratings. But WWE had not come up with any kind of updates for Cena which is quite unforgiving. Though we were aware of the fact that Cena was taking his time off after Hell in a Cell, there should be a proper reason for the franchise’s absence. There’s really no good excuse for not providing any information about Cena. Especially given that he simply lost the match without getting any injury or post match beat-down. It seems no one does care about where Cena is, considering the fact that he owes a US title rematch. 

Bankrupt situation for Sheamus

By now even the dumbest one would understand that WWE writers have no clues what do with the Money in the Bank briefcase holder Sheamus. Months have passed by with the Celtic Warrior staying at the sidelines. It’s true that pairing him with King Barrett is great especially when the two of them is doing nothing much but have we ever seen a money in the bank wasted like this before Sheamus? It would suck if WWE lets Sheamus cash in the golden ticket he has and then make him lose the match as 3rd failed money in the bank winner. The poor Irishman desperately needs a map and flashlight for his career. This tag matches would not do any good for him.


Is WWE trolling with fans and Cesaro?

How many times have we to point out about the waste WWE is doing with Cesaro? Wrestling is an art to this guy and nobody is better than him today, still he is wandering around with nothing in his hand. Last Monday he earned a win in a singles match in months whereas he lost almost six in that time. Please to the commentators rave about Cesaro or at least take some notice to the Cesaro section. Surely he managed to get a win on Miz but is that going to translate anything for him? It’s tough about being negative about this, but we can’t help feeling WWE trolling with us by making us happy by only seeing him and not giving him any actual push. WWE should prove us wrong with the Swiss Superman. He is a crowd puller in any given day.


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