Tye Dillinger made his main roster debut on April 4th at Smackdown. We rooted for his debut from quite a long time now. It was indeed a great addition to Smackdown mid-card division. He faced Curt Hawkins in his first match and it was dominated by Tye, as he picked up an easy win with the Tye Breaker.

On his second night on Smackdown, he faced Aiden English. The match was booked to promote ‘the Perfect 10’ who totally dominated the match and picked up an easy win. He pinned English after the Tye Breaker.

We all thought Tye’s chapter at NXT is finished before last week at NXT where he said he still had an unfinished business left at the NXT. He announced that on the following night he will face the leader of Sanity Eric Rowan in a Steel Cage match to end things up with him for good.

The match took place on this week’s NXT, as the main event of the show. The cage of this match was a little different than we occasionally see in WWE. It reminded me of the cage from the first Spider-Man movie from 2002 in which Peter Parker faced Macho Man Randy Savage.

The match was good. It was booked for fifteen minutes and it was actually designed to put over Tye. As he is on the main roster right now, we must say it was a good piece of booking to promote Tye. Like the Sanity kept trying to prevent Tye from escaping the cage but at last, he managed to fool all of them. It was a great look for Tye and definitely marks a big push for his future.

But this was not a very good look for Sanity. As we had been constantly saying that heel stable based wrestling and Sanity is giving us what we actually want. Hopefully, they will build them stronger in future.


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