WWE Battleground Review and Results: Part 1

Looking to replace his lost title with a new prize — one that Cena values immensely — Owens went into WWE Battleground to destroy everything the Cenation leader represents. Unfortunately for Owens, “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” were alive and well in the Scottrade Center.

Now that Cena has deflected Owens’ challenge, what’s next for the United States Title? Who will be next to oppose the fighting champion? Will Owens find a new path, or will he continue to target the Cenation leader? As questions continue to mount in the wake of WWE Battleground, The Champ is STILL here, undeterred and ready for the next challenge.

WWE Tag Team Champions The Prime Time Players def. The New Day

In an explosive WWE Battleground showdown, The Prime Time Players repelled the overly-optimistic challenge of The New Day’s Big E & Kofi Kingston to retain their coveted WWE Tag Team Championship.

Before their highly-anticipated rematch from WWE Money in the Bank, Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods utilized the “power of positivity” to explain to the WWE Universe why they would overcome Titus O’Neil & Darren Young and become two-time WWE Tag Team Titleholders. In spite of their efforts, though, the WWE Universe responded with its overwhelming opinion that “New Day sucks!”

In the opening moments of the fast-paced matchup, the powerful O’Neil delivered numerous slaps to Kofi’s chest, and set the stage for The Prime Time Players to demonstrate their tandem prowess against Big E. But the tide quickly turned when Big E hurled Young down to the ringside floor, giving The New Day a distinct advantage that included a wicked splash by Big E off the ring apron.

After roaring back and overcoming the numbers disadvantage of Woods trying to interfere in the contest, The Prime Time Players kicked their offense into high gear. Young took out Kingston with an Earth-shattering Gut Check, paving the way for O’Neil to hurl Big E to the canvas for the well-deserved three-count.

Bray Wyatt def. Roman Reigns

In recent weeks, Bray Wyatt demonstrated he seeks Roman Reigns’ destruction by any means necessary — even if it requires the assistance of a prodigal son.

Buoyed by the unexpected return of Luke Harper to his side, The Eater of Worlds secured victory at WWE Battleground on Sunday in his hotly-contested match against Reigns. Moments after a disguised Harper attacked a distracted Reigns, Wyatt executed a ring-rattling Sister Abigail, assuring he would leave Scottrade Center in St. Louis as a winner.

While the history of their rivalry dates back quite a while, their latest chapter commenced at the climactic stage of Money in the Bank 2015. Wyatt materialized in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match’s closing moments to guarantee a loss in the clash for Reigns, who prevented the enigmatic Superstar from seizing a spot in the bout weeks earlier. The Eater of Worlds then proceeded to terrorize the master of the Superman Punch with a series of very personal mind games, including a devious trap involving a doppelganger.

Asked to justify his choice of target, Wyatt explained the former Shield strongman’s upward career trajectory was premature and undeserved. The Eater of Worlds further elaborated, explaining directly to his rival that the spoils of early success should belong to “anyone but [Reigns].”

When the bell finally rang on the long-awaited encounter, the two combatants nearly negated each other’s size and strength. Wyatt, standing at 6-foot-3 and 285 pounds, struggled in the match’s early moments to overpower his hated foe, whose height is identical and weight is merely 20 pounds lighter. Every Reigns shoulder tackle led to a well-timed punch by The Eater of Worlds. Every Wyatt punch seemingly set him up for a Samoan Drop or Spear attempt by Reigns.

Wyatt’s ruthless tactics helped him build a great deal of momentum, which certainly boosted his in-ring confidence if not his prospects for victory at WWE Battleground. After connecting a sinister suplex and back splash on Reigns, the cryptic competitor applied a cruel chin lock to his opponent and then proceeded to taunt the capacity crowd in St. Louis. “He failed you,” Wyatt said over and over, hoping to prove his prophecy of Reigns’ demise true.

Whereas Reigns found a second wind late in the bout, a brief lapse in concentration ultimately cost him the match. As he elected to follow in Wyatt’s depraved footsteps by loading the ring with steel chairs, Reigns never saw the disguised figure that attacked him on the ringside floor. Wyatt did, delivered a Sister Abigail to secure the victory, and then kneeled proudly in the ring as the mysterious man removed his hooded sweatshirt, revealing himself as none other than Wyatt Family castoff Luke Harper.

Despite the controversial circumstances under which it occurred, Bray Wyatt’s victory at WWE Battleground marks the first time he has defeated Reigns in one-on-one competition since February 2014. Meanwhile, Reigns’ troubles at WWE special events continue, as he can only claim one win since his WWE World Heavyweight Championship dream was denied at WrestleMania 31.

Randy Orton def. Sheamus

The very physical rivalry between Sheamus and Randy Orton came to a head at WWE Battleground in The Viper’s hometown. There was no love lost between the two former WWE World Heavyweight Champions – leading to a very offense-heavy contest – but the unpredictability of WWE’s Apex Predator reigned supreme.

Feeling the energy of his hometown crowd inside the Scottrade Center, Orton was relentless early in the contest both in and out of the ring. Although he struggled early on, The Celtic Warrior was able to stop his opponent’s momentum by executing three consecutive Irish Curse backbreakers. Managing to slow the pace of the match, Sheamus took control and quickly dispelled any offense by The Viper.

The experience of Orton – and the knowledge of his bitter rival – eventually helped him egain momentum, diving away from an attack that resulted in Sheamus hitting the steel ring post. Maintaining the physical strategy of the bout, Orton continued to attack outside the ring, tossing his opponent onto the announce table.

An exchange of near-falls ultimately led to Sheamus countering an RKO and leveling The Viper with a devastating Brogue Kick. Rather than attempt a pinfall, The Celtic Warrior mercilessly applied more punishment in the form of a Cloverleaf. Despite writhing in pain, Orton refused to submit, and eventually reached the ropes to break the hold.

Sheamus pulled Orton to his feet – a decision that proved to be The Celtic Warrior’s undoing. Seemingly with everything he had left, The Viper hit an RKO out of nowhere to secure the victory.

Home field advantage was certainly in Orton’s favor, but the very physical battle left no doubt that when Sheamus decides to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion is in for a very brutal encounter.

King Barrett def. R-Truth

In a match with stakes of royal proportions, King Barrett defeated R-Truth at WWE Battleground Kickoff to retain his kingly distinction.

After weeks of exchanging victories against each other and having to deal with “King What’s Up” mocking his throne, Barrett entered into WWE Battleground with razor-sharp focus and a clear confidence. However, in the early goings of the contest, it was the always-jovial Truth who dictated the pace, keeping Barrett on his heels with his ever-present speed and illusiveness.

The 2015 King of the Ring had to rebound quickly from Truth’s early onslaught, and did so with a barrage of strikes and body blows. Barrett’s wearing down of Truth proved successful, and he began to systematically pick him apart with a succession of mat-based holds.

R-Truth, showing the resilience of a king in the heart of battle, was able to evade much of Barrett’s late attacks and mount a comeback. With Barrett reeling by the ropes, Truth lunged at his highness, attempting his signature Lie Detector, but an alert Barrett held onto the nearby ropes to avoid contact. As R-Truth tried to recover, he was crowned by Barrett’s dreaded Bull Hammer, allowing the King to stay the King.



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