WWE News: John Cena to take time off again

Arindam Paul / 05 August 2016

John Cena has been the franchise for WWE over a decade and more. He is the flag-bearer of the company and almost was the sole representative for the company at one point. Last two or three years has seen him getting rust in his in-ring popularity to a certain extent but that does not fade away his popularity and acceptance in the bigger perspective. Outside the WWE ring, he is a huge personality in the United States America and one of the best-known athletes in the whole world.
John Cena has been focusing on more non-WWE contents starting from past couple of years. It was also reported that he will work on a lighter schedule from now onwards. He has also taken hiatus from TV last year around October to host a reality TV series on Fox called American Grit and now thinks to do so, once again.
According to the report from RingSideNews.com, Cena needs to take some time off from WWE due to his duties of hosting “American Grit” on Fox, for the upcoming season. And if previous reports turn out to be true then he will not be seen performing in the Backlash PPV in September.

Though, John Cena has told it that he does not need to take time off and he can continue with the double duties, the chances are less. With the emergence of superstars like Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens etc. and now Finn Balor, who supposedly can be the next face of the company, Cena is not the one who can carry the company on his shoulder on his own.
The indication was there in WWE when Cena was drafted to the second best show, Smackdown Live from Monday Night Raw after 11 long years. He is going to be featured in a match with AJ Styles at Summerslam to settle a score with and said to miss numerous live events and PPVs, afterwards. With that being said, we may not see the Cenation leader for sometimes once the biggest event of the summer gets done.

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