WWE News: Paige Commented on the New Cast Members of Total Divas

Arindam Paul / 04 August 2017

It was earlier reported that there will be a massive change in the cast of the new season of Total Divas. At least a couple of regular faces will not be seen anymore on the show. They will be replaced by the new members of WWE’s female roster. The clarification was made by WWE, as well.

Paige has been a huge star power on the show starting from the fourth season. She is the one to go through a lot of troubles all the time since the beginning of her career. Hence, fans really loved her to see on the show. But, as we all know, she is in a lot of hot waters, right now, it was an expected move from WWE to remove her.

Besides the anti-Diva, Eva Marie who was a member of Total Divas from day one was also got cut. Renee Young who joined last season decided to opt out this time on her own due to some personal reasons. Apart from them, the regular faces like The Bell Twins, Natalya, Naomi, Maryse, Lana will continue to be a part.

Now, Paige was not happy, at all with the Total Divas show since, on the last season, most of the scenes featuring her and Alberto Del Rio got chopped off. It is a known fact there’s quite a rift between WWE and this couple and so this move was an expected one. Del Rio commented on this topic while the show was ongoing.

However, the former Divas Champion recently took her Twitter handle to congratulate the newer additions on Total Divas those are Alexa Bliss, Carmella, and Nia Jax. Plus, she also stated that she will see the female locker room soon which might be an indication of her return. There is no clarification, till date that the company intends to bring her back, at all or not.

Paige and Del Rio are still dealing with the Orlando Airport situation as the case is still under jurisdiction. However, the attorney publicly posted on Twitter that no charges were brought against the couple and no arrest was made. Considering this, we can say that they might be safe, right now.