Ronda Rousey shocked the world by appearing at the Royal Rumble PPV following the first-ever 30 women prestigious battle royal. This was an all-women matchup where Asuka won the contest to go to the championship match. She made history on that night which is why the spotlight should have been on her.

But, the reality was pretty different since the former UFC Bantamweight Champion arrived on the scene, stealing the show. The pro-wrestling world went ga-ga over the fact that she indicated her first Wrestlemania match on that night. Ever since then the speculations are running rampant about her first match under the biggest pro-wrestling promotion’s banner.

Meanwhile, WWE has confirmed when she would resurface in WWE programming.

At the Elimination Chamber PPV, she will come back to sign a contract with the WWE officially. The hype has been up with this announcement around the final Raw-exclusive PPV before the Wrestlemania event.

Now, as noted in a report by NoDQ, there’s a strong reason why Ronda’s next appearance was scheduled at Elimination Chamber PPV. According to the source, the ticket sales are not up to the mark for the show despite it being hosted around Wrestlemania season. Hence, the officials needed a bigger attraction for the show.

Hence, WWE included the former UFC Superstar into the card rather than having her sign the contract in an episode of Monday Night Raw. Another reason for making her appear on the show is the location of the PPV. The venue which will host the Elimination Chamber PPV is the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada which is just at the outskirts of Las Vegas.

This is where UFC Headquarters is also situated. Hence, Ronda is quite familiar in that region and should be a huge boost to the ticket selling. It is not known whether her Wrestlemania role will be revealed on that night, but we can certainly expect it to happen.

One thing is almost confirmed which is that Ronda Rousey will not be part of any championship match at Wrestlemania. Currently, Alexa Bliss is slated to face Nia Jax for the Raw women’s championship whereas Asuka is slated to face Charlotte Flair in a cross-brand match, according to Sports Illustrated.

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