WWE News: Ryback reveals when his WWE contract ends

Arindam Paul / 22 July 2016

The tug of war between WWE and the Big Guy, Ryback is going on for quite a few months now. The friction between the two parties first came to public on the day of WWE Payback when Ryback posted his comments on the blog and he was noticeably missing from following day’s Monday Night Raw where a battle royal was held for the United States Championship.

Since then Ryback is absent from WWE television and was not even present for the monumental WWE Draft which took place on Tuesday.

It was also noted that the company wants Ryback’s contract to expire and will make no effort to reach to him for negotiation. They are not likely to release him by terminating the contract but will keep him off television for the remainder part of the contract.

So with that being said Ryback is gearing up for a post-WWE run as he posted the following on his Instagram account:

Update for the good ones. One month left for nose before I resume wrestling/jiu jitsu/boxing regimen for return. Ear get cleared in 6 days

— The Big Guy (@Ryback22) July 19, 2016

For weights. Contract up August 8th or Oct 17th depending on certain circumstances. The future is going to be great! #FeedMeMore

— The Big Guy (@Ryback22) July 19, 2016

So, this is the first time we came to know clearly when Ryback’s contract is going to WWE is coming to an end. Neither WWE nor the “Big Guy” has made it clear, previously. It looks like Ryback is intending to use his catchphrase “feed me more” after his WWE run gets over and establish it as a brand.

Ryback recently has undergone an ear surgery and as noted by him and will return to the ring in a week. Depending on the mentioned circumstances his WWE contract will get over on the above-mentioned date but the circumstances are not quite clear yet.


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