WWE News: Spoiler On The Next Season Starcast Of Total Divas

WWE News: Spoiler on the Next Season Starcast of Total Divas

From the very beginning, the Total Divas show has been a huge hit amongst the fans which gives them major insider scoops about the female superstars’ daily lives.

So, there’s no stopping for this reality show, as it keeps coming back with new seasons. Furthermore, a spin-off series, Total Bellas is also there.

Recently stillrealtous.com gave some major updates on the star cast of the upcoming season that would be in the eighth one. If this report is to go by, then we would witness some major inclusions into it. Paige is the one who would come back to the show after a hiatus of one year. Last year, she was away from the WWE due to the neck injury and numerous other personal reasons.

But, she was back with the company as the leader of the Absolution and should share her life stories, once again with the fans. We should note that the youngest Divas Champion of all-time can’t feature in wrestling matches, anymore following her retirement. But, it does not mean that WWE can’t use it for other purposes.

There’s no denying that Paige is one of the most popular female names of this generation. Hence, her return to TV on the Total Divas season eight is almost confirmed.

The social media updates indicate the same, like cameras, all the time are following her. Going by the uploaded stories on Instagram, we can get a hint of this.

The source also suggested that WWE might not want the star cast of Total Divas to get disclosed, earlier than the actual revelation. It is why the female superstars might be having some restrictions while uploading stories on their official social media accounts.

Producers of this reality TV series did a tremendous job by shuffling the card, each of the seasons with newer inclusion. It managed to keep the fresh feel of the show, all the time. So, there should one more name who is new on the board. Paige’s partner from The Absolution, Sonya Deville has also been seen sharing Instagram stories with similar contexts which indicate she would feature on Total Divas, too.

Lately, Paige and Sonya Deville are spending time together which indicates both of them are filming footage for the TV series on the E Network. Naomi and Lana were also seen hanging around them during the Wrestlemania 34 week. They were spotted around the Louisiana Bayou in New Orleans.

Apart from them, some more updates were given by the source which is as follows,

“Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss aren’t around, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the show. But Sonya Deville is getting makeup tips from Natalya as well so that includes a lot of the cast. It’s also important to note that Mandy Rose might not be around either but she was already on Total Divas two years ago but it just didn’t work out for whatever reason.”

If Mandy Rose managed to get added to the show, then the entire Absolution faction would become the center of attraction of Total Divas. Paige herself brings much attention to the show, as we have learned in the past. We can only imagine what she might bring to the table while traveling with her new boyfriend for their band, Insane Clown Posse.

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