WWE Raw 2nd March – Triple H ‘fired’ Booker T

Jeet / 03 March 2015

WWE COO Triple H came out to the arena. Footage from Fast Lane pay per view event was shown where Triple H confronted Sting and said that he admired and respected that. But the reality was Triple H was guy who let that ship went down in the first place. Triple H said that his legacy put Sting’s legacy out of business. He got what he tried to do at Survivor Series, he tried to put Triple H and his wife out of WWE, because he knew without his family WWE would die. But he failed. At the end of the day, failure was what Sting did.

Triple H now asked what if he could give him back the power and his legacy. All he had to do was to go back and they would do business together. He always did what best for business was, he was magnanimous in that way. His legacy could be eternal through the WWE network, through DVDs, merchandise, action figures and all. And in 2015, Sting would be bigger than ever before. And maybe he would put into the hall of fame.

Triple H asked how did it sound to Sting. Triple H put his jacket off and asked if he would like to do it in the other way. He could sit back and continue to disrespect Sting and Triple H would physically drive him out of the business like he never even existed. He told Sting that it was his choice but he was not going to wait for long.

Triple H suddenly attempted to attack Sting. Sting blocked the attack and punched Triple h down to the ground. Triple H fought back and hit Sting with the mic. Triple H grounded Sting and kept beating him badly. Triple H went outside the ring and brought a sledge hammer. As Triple H attempted to attack Sting with the hammer, Sting stood up and was back with the baseball bat. He hold the bat in Triple H’s chin. Triple H surrendered as he threw the hammer away. Sting pointed the baseball bat to the WrestleMania logo, that meant he challenged Triple H to a match at WrestleMania. As Sting turned his back, Triple H attempted to attack Sting again, Sting hit Triple H with the bat and then knocked him out with the Scorpion Death Drop.

After the footage; Triple H told that in 1995 he stood by Vince McMahon, looked eye to eye and asked for an opportunity. Twenty years later, with the achievement of thirteen world championships and being the COO of WWE he thought he made the most out of that opportunity.

Two weeks ago at Fast Lane, he offered Sting an opportunity, an opportunity for his career to last forever. But Sting did not agree to take that opportunity. He wanted to headline ‘the Grandest Stage of them All’ but he chose to do it with the wrong guy because at WrestleMania Sting would be stepping into the ring with the game, the king of kings and now he would make sure that Sting’s career ever existed.

A lot of people wanted to know why did not Sting come here in all these years. Everybody had their own theory, JBL had his own theory, Booker T had his own theory. He asked Booker T come inside the ring.

Booker T entered the ring and stood face to face with Triple H. Triple H reminded Booker T that he said earlier Sting did not come to WWE before because Triple H would not have allowed it.

Booker T said that he knew Sting, he had been with Sting many many times into the same ring. He said that he knew Triple H too, he was not afraid of anything, he said if he was in his place, he might have done the same thing.

Triple H said that he expected more maturity from Booker T. He said Booker knew nothing. Booker said that he knew Sting, whenever anyone talked about loyalty, it came to Sting. Sting was WCW, the last man standing for WCW. But Triple H could not control Sting, nobody could. Now Sting was in the WWE and Triple H had to deal with him at WrestleMania.

Triple H said that if he could not be controlled why he came out here. He thanked Booker for coming, he just wanted his opinion. Then he shocked everyone as he fired Booker T. Booker looked really shocked to hear this. He waited for a while then he left the ring.

As Booker was leaving the arena, Triple h stopped him and said that he did not fire him. It was just an example of control. Triple H said that he would put an end of Sting at WrestleMania.

As Triple H’s historic WrestleMania confrontation with Sting draws closer, it appears The Game won’t tolerate anyone skeptical of his ability to defeat The Vigilante on The Grandest Stage of Them All. First, The King of Kings laid hands on Ric Flair, and the next target of his zero-tolerance policy turned out to be Booker T, whose criticism of the COO and lukewarm assessment of his chances against Sting earned him an on-the-spot firing. Of course, the dismissal turned out to be little more than a farce designed to display Triple H’s power, and Booker was allowed to return to the commentary table in one piece. The message was clear, however: Don’t cross the boss.

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