The Raw started as Brock Lesnar entered the arena along with Paul Heyman. Heyman talked about last week how Lesnar F5ed Goldberg and everyone got shocked, at WrestleMania fans would be even more shocked when Lesnar would beat Goldberg.

Backstage Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon were talking about WrestleMania and other stuff. Stephanie wanted Mick to be more serious about his job. Then Stephanie made a shocking statement, he wanted Mick to fire at least one superstar by the end of the show because they needed to get of those who are under performing.

Match 1 – Sasha Banks vs. Dana Brooke

Not a very competitive match. It did not even go on for two minutes. Sasha Banks pinned Dana with a quick roll-up pin to end matters early. After the match, Charlotte entered the ring and harassed Dana for losing the match. She said that she was finally getting rid of Dana. Dana suddenly attacked Charlotte and started beating her down. Charlotte escaped the ring to escape the beating.

Winner – Dana Brooke

Eric LeGrand got inducted into the Hall of Fame class of 2017 in the warrior award wing.

Match 2 – TJ Perkins and Akira Tozawa vs. Brian Kendrick and Tony Nese

Good short time action, the match was booked for five minutes only, but it was enjoyable to watch. Tony Nese pinned TJ Perkins with a roll up pin to pick up the victory for his team.

Winners – Brian Kendrick and Tony Nese

Kevin Owens came out to the arena. Owens reminded everyone about the festival of friendship incident. He said that Chris Jericho never considered Owens as his best friend either. The only thing he wanted was to get close to Owens’ Universal championship. And Jericho was mad at him because Owens stabbed him in the back before Jericho could stab Owens in the back. And Fastlane Jericho got him but at WrestleMania, Owens would beat Jericho and would take his United States title away.

Match 3 – Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe vs. Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn

The match could not go on for long as Owens and Joe did not look to be in any wrestling mood, the referee disqualified the two as they did not stop punishing Jericho and Zayn. They beat them down badly.

Winners – Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn by DQ

Backstage segment between the New Day, the Big Show and Titus O’Neil which was not anything important

Match 4 – No 1 Contender’s match for the Raw Tag Team championships at WrestleMania – Sheamus and Cesaro and Sheamus

The match was going well before Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked all four athletes. The match went to double DQ, Gallows and Anderson kept beating the four athletes.

Roman Reigns came out to the arena and called out the Undertaker. But surprise surprise! Shawn Michaels came out! Roman said that he did not call out Michaels, he called out the Undertaker. Michaels warned Roman not to go to WrestleMania with Undertaker. Roman said Undertaker would regret his whole life for going into the ring with Roman Reigns. Michaels said that everybody secretly hoping for Roman to get failed, he went through the same path so he knew it. He said that he was on Roman’s side. Roman said that he understood everything but Undertaker forced Michaels to retire and Roman would retire Undertaker. After the promo, Roman was walking out but Braun Strowman attacked Roman and beat him down.

Match 5 – Ariya Daivari vs. Austin Aries

This was Austin Aries’ Monday Night Raw in-ring debut so obviously it was booked to promote Aries. The match was good, both performed well. It was given less than five minutes booking but still, it was a good match. Austin Aries pinned Daivari with a rolling elbow.

Winner – Austin Aries

Match 6 – Big Show vs. Titus O’Neil

It was just a squash match. Big Show totally outlasted Titus. Surprisingly, the match was given a three-minute booking, Big Show choke slammed three times before pinning him.

Winner – Big Show

Backstage Chris Jericho said that he would expose the real Kevin Owens next week and he would be organising a special edition of Highlight Reel where his guest would the ‘real’ Kevin Owens.

Match 7 – WWE Raw Women’s champion Bayley vs. Nia Jax

Nia Jax was badly dominating Bayley, she was beating her so bad that the referee had to call for the bell. Even after getting disqualified Nia did not stop beating Bayley

Winner – Bayley by DQ

Stephanie McMahon was seen inside the ring. Stephanie called out the Raw general manager Mick Foley. Mick Foley came out to the arena and entered the ring. Stephanie asked Foley whom he decided to fire. Foley explained how he managed to decide it all. He shocked everyone by naming Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie said that he did not have the power to fire her, she did not want him to want it into a cheap joke and she demanded a name. Mick said that it was her who deserved to go along with Triple H.

Triple H came out the arena. He entered the ring. Triple H threatened to beat down Mick as Mick said would he do it himself or would he take help from Samoa Joe. Triple H said that he would never take him back but Stephanie had a big heart and she liked her. Triple H kept disrespecting Mick and Mick said that it did not need to pretend to be like Triple H because he did not need him neither did he need the company. Triple H said that Mick did not do anything for his kids but he cared for himself only. He ordered him to leave.

Mick Foley stood on a side of the ring. Triple H pushed him to go out as Mick surprisingly caught him with the mandible Claw. Stephanie saved his husband with a low blow on Mick. Triple H was getting ready to beat down Mick as Seth Rollins came out with the support of a crutch. He threw the crutch away and attacked Triple H. He took Triple H out of the ring with a drop kick. Rollins looked completely fit. Triple H entered the ring again with the crutch and attacked Rollins’ injured ring with it. He continuously beat down his injured knee. The referees had to come out to the rescue of Rollins at the end. Triple H left the ring with Rollins crying in agony with holding the injured knee.


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