Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt are in a feud over the WWE championship ever since the Elimination Chamber PPV back in February. Orton won the Royal Rumble match to become the rightful contender for the WWE championship. On the other hand, Bray Wyatt won the returning Elimination Chamber match to win his first singles gold in the company.

This led to a big WWE championship match at Wrestlemania 33. Most of the fans felt Wyatt should retain the title at the grandest event. However, being the most trusted employee of Vince McMahon, Orton was handed his 13th world championship victory at the event.

Following Mania, Wyatt claimed for his title rematch. In the meantime, he was also drafted to Monday Night Raw during the Superstars Shakeup resulting the rematch to be slotted into the Raw-exclusive PPV, Payback. As announced earlier, it will be a House of Horrors match.

Now, quite interestingly, the lackluster plot in this storyline is Wyatt getting shifted to a different brand. He has not appeared on Smackdown for the past few weeks. Meanwhile, Jinder Mahal has emerged as the new number one contender for Orton’s title.

Surprisingly, Orton vs. Mahal has been made official for the Backlash PPV even before the match between Orton vs. Wyatt can take place. This is a clear indication that the Viper would not lose his title to The Eater of the World. With so much prediction going on around, the rumour mill is suggesting that this match at Payback will no longer be a title match.

Bray Wyatt needs a win in this last bout against Orton to claim his dominance on Raw in near future. Also, the House of Horrors match was generated just keeping in mind his gimmick. So, Wyatt suffering yet another loss to Orton means something not suitable, at all.

Even on WWE.com, they have never mentioned that it is going to be a championship match on that night. Apparently, there’s still some confusion going on around the creative about how this gimmick should be arranged.

We assumed that a preview of the match will be given on either Raw or Smackdown. But, till date, that did not happen. Never in the history of the WWE, a House of Horrors match was contested.

Rumors also suggest that one of the creative heads, Michael Hayes has come up with the idea.

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