This is the fourth and the final match of the quarter final from the no 1 contender’s tournament for the WWE Intercontinental championship. Dolph Ziggler entered the arena first then came Bad News Barrett.

They grappled each other as the match started. Barrett locked Ziggler’s shoulder and tried to convert it into a submission maneuver. Ziggler slid out of it easily, Barrett tried to clothesline Ziggler but Ziggler evaded the move and went out of the ring.

As Ziggler went back in, he tried to hurt Barrett’s knee which he Barrett evaded with an elbow strike. He pushed Ziggler to the nearby turnbuckle and kicked him into the groin. Barrett tried to pin Ziggler with a suplex which Ziggler kicked out easily.

Barrett attempted to hit a knee drop on Ziggler which Ziggler ducked and quickly tried to get the control of the match with random punches. Ziggler locked Barrett into the side headlock. Barrett pushed Ziggler towards the turnbuckle and kicked into the groin.

Barrett pushed Ziggler to the opposite turnbuckle very hard and attempted to pin which Ziggler kicked out. Barrett kept punishing Ziggler with different illegal moves. Ziggler somehow got it back with a drop kick and clotheslined him out of the ring, he went out of the ring too.

Barrett and Ziggler hit each other with punches and during this Barrett Ziggler to struck his head with the steel step. Ziggler looked really hurt with this mistake of him.

Barrett took Ziggler back into the ring and locked him into the side head lock. Ziggler, after being locked in it for a while tried to get out of it. Barrett pushed him towards the nearby turnbuckle and attempted to hit a shoulder first. Ziggler pulled himself apart and Barrett hit his own shoulder on the steel step.

Ziggler capitalized well with random punches and tried to pin Barrett with a neck breaker which Barrett kicked out. Ziggler attempted to hit a running kick on Barrett which Barrett reversed with his Wasteland maneuver. He attempted to pin Ziggler but Ziggler kicked out in two.

Barrett attempted a Pump Handle Slam on Ziggler but Ziggler slid out of Barrett’s grasp and nailed him with the fameasser. Ziggler attempted to pin Barrett quickly but Barrett kicked out.

Barrett stood near the turnbuckle and Ziggler tried to hit a cross body which Barrett evaded and Ziggler hurt himself. Barrett went over the top rope for a high flying move, Ziggler blocked him and went over the turnbuckle for a superplex. Barret blocked it and pushed Ziggler down.

Before Barrett could capitalize Ziggler ran towards him and climbed on the turnbuckle, he pulled him down and hit a face first. Ziggler attempted a pin and again Barrett kicked out. Both took their time stand up and the fans chanted ‘this is awesome!’

As the two stood up, Ziggler ran straight towards Barrett and Barrett nailed him with the Spinning Side Walk Slam. As he attempted the pin, Ziggler again kicked out.

Barrett taunted for the Bull Hammer, as Ziggler turned Barrett attempted the move and Ziggler reversed it with a quick pin which Barrett kicked out. Ziggler quickly tried to hit a DDT, Barrett pushed him away and this time Barrett was able to hit the Bull Hammer. Barrett pinned Ziggler after this maneuver to advance to the semi final.


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