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WWE Smackdown 31th October – Divas Halloween Battle Royal

  • The show started with Divas Halloween battle royal. Paige entered the ring first who came as the stereotype of Summer Rae. She did a good job in mimicking Summer Rae. Then came Natalya who came out in the attire of the Queen of Hearts. Naomi came out next who came out next in the attire of a military. Next came out Summer Rae who played a school girl. Layla was the next diva to come who acted as a clown. Emma came out next who who played Tarzan. Rosa Mendez who played zombie nurse came out next. Cameron, the next entry came out a police lady. Alicia Fox came out next in the attire of a fire fighter. And Nikki Bella came out last who played a black cat.

    Divas Halloween Battle Royal (No. 1 contender’s match for the Divas championship) –

    Order of Entries –

    Entry 1 – Paige
    Entry 2 – Natalya
    Entry 3 – Naomi
    Entry 4 – Summer Rae
    Entry 5 – Layla
    Entry 6 – Emma
    Entry 7 – Rosa Mendez
    Entry 8 – Cameron
    Entry 9 – Alicia Fox
    Entry 10 – Nikki Bella

    Brie Bella was also scheduled to compete in the Diva Halloween costume Battle Royal whom Nikki Bella forced to take the attire of Brie Bella’s husband Daniel Bryan. Then Nikki forced her to go to market to buy some limited edition goodies and did not her let her get rid of her clothes. Brie Bella had to go to the market, in a public place in her weird attire.

    Order of eliminations –

    Elimination No 1 – Rosa Mendes by Naomi
    Elimination No 2 – Summer Rae by Natalya
    Elimination No 3 – Emma by Alicia Fox
    Elimination No 4 – Layla by Paige
    Elimination No 5 – Cameron by Naomi
    Elimination No 6 – Naomi by Natalya
    Elimination No 7 – Natalya by Alicia Fox
    Elimination No 8 – Paige by Alicia Fox
    Elimination No 9 – Alicia Fox by herself

    Actually, after all the eliminations took place except Alicia Fox, Paige and Nikki Bella, Paige was on one side trying to eliminate Nikki Bella. On the other side Alicia Fox eliminated Natalya and when she came back to Paige she rushed and jumped on Paige. As a result, both Divas got eliminated from the match and the Nikki Bella won the match without even eliminating anyone. So it would now be AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella for the Divas championship as expected and Paige turns to feud with Alicia Fox. We hope both feuds would be good.

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