Ever wondered if our favourite cricketers were superheroes, how will that look? Lets check it out:

1)Chris Gayle – Hulk

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 1

Just like the Hulk is capable enough of breaking harlem in New York City, Christopher Henry Gayle is one cricketer who, with his super-human strength has the potential to create mayhem in the cricket field by smashing the ball to all parts of the ground.
The IPL fans know it for sure !

2)AB de Villiers – Superman

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 2

A player who can play shots at all 360 degree angles; who can care to reverse sweep a yorker delivery; a player who can wicket keep, bowl medium pace and has exceptional fielding abilities and can also lead the team, is simply not from this planet ! Only the ‘Man of Steel’ can match this South African, who seems to possess a DNA which is out of this world. Anyone dare to disagree ?

3) Lasith Malinga – Hawk Eye

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 3

The kind of accuracy that Malinga generates with his slinging action, that would make even Agent Barton think twice before shooting his arrows !
They both really shoot to kill !

4) Jonty Rhodes – Spiderman

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 4

If Spiderman would have been asked to be a cricketer, then he would surely chosen to be Jonty Rhodes. The way Jonty used to take catches, commit run outs and move in the field, surely he could have taught a trick or two to Spiderman !
Care to take a tuition class Spidey ?

5) Shoaib Akhtar – Flash

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 5

The ‘Rawalpindi Express’, who is undoubtedly the fastest bowler of world cricket can only dare to compete with the Flash, when it comes to pace and speed.
Surely fast and furious !

6) Virat Kohli – Iron Man

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 6

The vice-captain of the Indian team is just like Tony Stark. They both are handsome, arrogant, stylish, both love to lead a lavish and flamboyant lifestyle and when it comes to work, they both like to blow out their oppositions.
Even in their personal lives, they are both very much affectionate towards their lady-love !

Rahul Dravid – Batman

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 7

The ‘Dark Knight’ of Indian cricket kept on serving the nation without asking for accolades just like Bruce Wayne saves Gotham from enemies without asking for favours. He, for now, remains to be the hero which we did not deserve but the one we needed !

8) Sourav Ganguly – Green Lantern

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 8

As Green Lantern is powered by the strength of will, interestingly the same will powers our ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’.
From punching comebacks to emphatic victories, Ganguly showed us that if one has the will, nothing is impossible to achieve !

9) Sachin Tendulkar – Thor

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 9

What Mjolnir is to Thor, the cricket bat is to the ‘Little Master’. Both of them can destroy their rivals with the weapon of their choice.
Even their godly quotient matches quiet well. While Thor is a demi-god of Agard, Sachin is the ‘God’ of cricket !

10) Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Captain America

If cricketers were superheroes !!! 10

Just like Steve Rogers leads the Avengers in their many battles, similarly Dhoni has been leading India in their many quests to glory. Both of them are charismatic, skillful and dedicated leaders and like to lead their team from the front! There are hardly any substitutes for them, are there?

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