“There were two gentlemen who contributed a lot not only to Sri Lanka but to cricket as an entire. May be God wants them to win a World Cup and leave on a high. That’s why He put his blessing in this o that they get another match.” Darren Sammy had a hunch on this at the end of the first semifinal, evidently showing his strong faith on destiny.

Although, according to skipper Lasith Malinga considered that there was nothing to do with the destiny, but a lot of long haul and planning that deliver them the feather in their cap and Sri Lanka has shook up to the big moment.

Sammy’s statement was just the reflection of the utter honor given by the entire cricket world for Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara.  For all one knows it meant to be that Sri Lanka won the tournament final, after the four failed attempts in the last seven years.

Both the stalwarts have declared their retreat at the beginning of the World Twenty20, getting a bit of rap for weeding out too much attention.  The team desired to win the title for these two legends, while Sangakkara said that they won it for every Lankan.

“It is amazing that the side desired to win it for us. But there are a few million other people to win for; it’s not only about me or Mahela.” Sangakkara stated. “It’s about the whole team, everyone who stand with you and behind you. We get perceived because it was our last match. At the end of the day everyone has been the part of the victory.” He added.

Sangakkara lauded everyone who supported Sri Lanka cricket and the team. There were many tough situations, precisely the four tournament final defeats over the past seven years. They were knocked out in 2007 final but they got the impetus with them in 2009 when they lost to Pakistan in the final of the World Twenty20. In 2011 final, they assumed to have India on the mat but popped out by M S Dhoni and Gautam Gambhir. They came to naught again in the last World T20 final when they chased a moderate target against West Indies.

“This is the foremost time I have been a part of the team that has won a World Cup. It’s tough to explain exactly what you feel, but you feel humble.  You realise how hard it is to get here, how much support you required, not just from your team-mates, but from your family, your fans, the support staff.” An overwhelmed Sangakkara said.

“You can never do anything all alone. You may be the best batsman in the world or the best bowler in the world, but you can’t do anything without support. At moments like this you have to call up, cogitate and be gratified for that support, because without that you wouldn’t be here. It’s been an incredible journey. It’s time to walk away, and to walk away like this is even better.” He added.

On the other hand Malinga said, “I’ve played over ten years in this team, I know every single player, their capability, what they can do. I lived my captaincy up in the last three games; I know exactly what particular players have what capability. I used that experience during my captaincy and I was successful. Anyone can say anything. I really believe that we didn’t have luck. We worked hard, we know our ability, we can do that, everyone is talented, that’s why we won the match. I don’t believe in luck.”

“I don’t think the game feels bounded us, or any player, anything. Our job is to try and play it as best as we can, and walk away hopefully having made a positive impact.” Sangakkara impersonated Malinga. “The game gives us the chances and it’s up to us to try and take them. We had four opportunities before this, and today we took it. You need a bit of ability, luck, planning, and execution. Right place, right time, right game.” He signed off.



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