James Anderson could be involved in ball tampering

Krishna Chopra / 08 August 2016

The third Test between England and Pakistan has been the talk of the town in the last 24 hours. Ironically, though, the reason behind the game being discussed so much is due to the fact that England pace ace and leading wicket-taker James Anderson was caught by the cameras potentially tampering with the ball. The matter has taken the cricketing fraternity by storm and Anderson unknowingly has become the centre of attention.

In a video brought forward by analysts on a Pakistani cricket show; the analysts have alleged that James Anderson, along with England batsman Joe Root tampered with the ball during the course of play on the fifth and final day at Birmingham.

In the video below, Anderson can be seen rubbing the seam of the ball and running his fingernails. As per the guidelines laid down by the ICC, no player is allowed to use fingernails on the seam as it can potentially change the course of the red Duke’s ball.

The game, though, ended with quite a dramatic victory for England as the Pakistani batsman withered away thanks to some poor shot selection.

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