Pressure Situations in Life are Opportunities says Sourav Ganguly

Raj / 02 February 2015

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly is a legend who is known for expressing his heartfelt opinion in a very open and bold manner. Dada and Rahul Dravid started their career at almost same time and both of them are highly regarded for their contribution made to the Indian Cricket.

Remembering the meticulous ability of Rahul to get best out of any pressure situation Dada said “Pressure situations are opportunities. That is how we should approach every situation arising in our lives and it is one of the best things I learnt from Rahul.”

Remembering a particular incident when Sourav, then Indian skipper, had asked Rahul, his vice-captain, to talk to a young teammate, Dada said “Rahul was widely respected in the team and I had asked him to talk to a young member of the team. I was touched by what he told the young cricketer that day.”

Dada elaborated “Rahul had struggled with his batting in ODIs when he debuted at Singapore. He went to motivational consultants and classes but it did not help. He told the young team member that attending these classes and taking on the challenge were two different things. He said every situation is an opportunity presented to us and that is how he faced the challenges. That was one of the best things I learnt from the great man.”

Recollecting his memories when in 2006, Sourav was dropped from the National team, he did not give up because he wanted to assess that ‘how strong he was’ as a person. He said “I had easier options but I just did not want to go down thinking I did not try.”

According to Dada, the fear of failure is the biggest fear in life. Although Sachin Tendulkar has 100 centuries to his credit, the great man had fears of failure, Dada added.

Defining the role and responsibilities of a leader, Dada underlined that a leader has the task of building trust, must have the ability to adjust, create a core group and then make an institution. One has to be adjustable as a leader and understand the teammates’ minds. Not always are the leader’s instructions going to be implemented, he said.

Dada praised the current Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his glorious success and concluded “We both are from Eastern Zone and have the best records as skipper. It is a legacy which will be difficult for anyone to overtake.”



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