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Top 10 list of most productive overs in ODIs

On many instances, the game of Cricket managed to turn on itself depending on the outcome of the over. We now look at the most runs scored in an Over in the ODI format.

During 2007 World Cup, Gibbs took onslaught over Netherlands and smashed Six out of Six sixes off van Bunge scoring 36 off the over. Perera against touring South Africans at home smshed a 35 run over, which had a wide in which he smashed 5 sixers and a four off Peterson’s over. Jayasuriya and Afridi managed to make an appearance twice with the Sri Lankan opener scored 30 runs in an over twice and Afridi had a 32 run over and 28 run over on his name.

Here is the list of Top 10 most productive overs in ODI cricket:

Runs Batsmen Bowler Match Year
36 HH Gibbs (666666) DLS van Bunge South Africa v Netherlands 2006/07
35 NLTC Perera (6W66646) RJ Peterson Sri Lanka v South Africa 2013
32 Shahid Afridi (446666) CM Bandara Pakistan v Sri Lanka 2007
31 KS Williamson (1) & JEC Franklin (6646N4x2) Rizwan Cheema & HS Baidwan New Zealand v Canada 2010/11
30 ST Jayasuriya (x4066661) Aamer Sohail Sri Lanka v Pakistan 1995/96
30 ST Jayasuriya (666642) CZ Harris Sri Lanka v New Zealand 2000/01
30 M Boucher (41) & JH Kallis (2W5666) LP van Troost South Africa v Netherlands 2006/07
30 AD Mascarenhas (066666) Yuvraj Singh England v India 2007
30 LRPL Taylor (46W6W246) Abdul Razzaq New Zealand v Pakistan 2010/11
30 JP Faulkner (662664) I Sharma Australia v India 2013/14
28 Shahid Afridi (662644) ST Jayasuriya Pakistan v Sri Lanka 1996/97