Virat Kohli Hit One Six Off Me & Acted Macho: Kesrick Williams
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Virat Kohli Hit One Six Off Me And Acted All Tough: Kesrick Williams

West Indies speedster Kesrick Williams has revealed the details from his point of view of his amusing battle with India skipper Virat Kohli. The pacer has shared a few interesting instances with Indian counterpart Kohli on the pitch. In 2017, Williams took Kohli’s wicket and followed it with his trademark ‘notebook celebration’.

Virat Kohli kept the instance in his mind and during the 2019 West Indies tour of India he hit him for a six and celebrated with an improvised version of the ‘notebook celebration’. Kesrick remained unsold in the IPL auction in December 2019 and will have to wait to face the star batsman again.

Virat Kohli and Kesrick Williams
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“He finished the game and wrote me up in his notebook”: Kesrick Williams on Virat Kohli

West Indies pacer William narrated the whole incident when he met Virat Kohli again after his notebook celebration on the latter’s dismissal. He told the Indian Skipper had just made a resolve to give him a taste of his own medicine and was successful too.

“In the first game, when Kohli walked in to bat, he walked straight to me and he was like ‘Hey, you got me in Jamaica the last time you bowled against me, it’s not going to happen here’. I was like this thing happened in 2017, this is 2019, this guy really studied this thing? I was like I can’t believe this guy,” Williams told Firstpost.

Kesrick Williams.
Kesrick Williams. Image Courtesy: Getty Images

“He finished the game and wrote me up in his notebook, I don’t know what notebook he had but he wrote me up in it and got on with his antics. He won the game, fair enough. When we left Hyderabad for Kerala, I was in the economy class and he was in the business class, he is looking back, watching me and smiling and he’s making a gesture. I am like ‘Yo, I’m going to dismiss you in the next game like for real’. I said, ‘the next game it’s going to be me and you’. Because I had him in my mind now. I am like you are not going to beat me again, never in cricket. This is not going to happen again.” he added.

Kesrick Williams reveals how Virat Kohli got under his skin

The Indian skipper was again dismissed by Williams in the second game of the series against West Indies in 2019 and again had revenge in his mind. Williams revealed how Virat Kohli kept staring at him throughout the training session and after hitting a six to him told him that he beat him again. However, Williams says he doesn’t have anything against Kohli and its just banter on the field.

“The third game now, I am warming up. And the skipper (Pollard) was like, Kohli’s really staring at me there. And I’ll be honest, every ball I bowl, every step I make…He is warming up with his team and his eyes are fixed on me. He came into bat, I think I got Rohit, I did that (welcome) gesture and looked at him and said come. He looked at me and started chirping. I was confident then, I got him out in the last game. The first over went for 14. And the other three balls, I bowled to Rahul and they weren’t bad ones. And in my two middle overs before the last over, I got him (Kohli) tied down,” Williams said.

Kesrick Williams, Virat Kohli
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“He didn’t score a lot of runs off me, it was just singles. And then in the last over, I felt like I haven’t bowled much slower balls to him in this game, now I am going to try to get him out again with a couple of balls left of my last over. And he walked into it and flicked me over mid-wicket for a six. He looked at me and was acting like ‘Yo, I beat you again.’ I am like, dude, I went for 35 for two in the game (It was 1/37) and you hit one six off me and acting big and macho. And then Pollard was like ‘Yo, don’t give him that energy, leave him alone, go back’. I walked back and was like ‘Mate, try and beat me’. I am confident now. At that point when I went for 60 in that first game, he acted all sorts.

“I don’t have anything against him. It’s just banter. Because honestly, that guy is one of the best players in world cricket,” Williams signed off.

Virat Kohli will lead RCB in the upcoming IPL 2020 in UAE. In 177 matches for the Bengaluru-based franchise, Virat Kohli has scored 5412 runs, including five centuries. He has been loyal to his side through thick and thin in their 13-year journey in the IPL. RCB has reached the final thrice, under three different captains but the IPL title has never got in their hands.