Iwobi Gun Shooting Celebration

Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi has recently performed astonishing Gun-Shooting celebrations after scoring for Arsenal. The 19-year old has explained the reasons behind his goal celebration. Iwobi made his senior team debut in the month of March this year and with back to back impressive displays he has made himself a must in Arsene Wenger’s plans. His debut was in the Champions League round of 16 defeat to Barcelona. Despite facing a defeat in his debut the young Arsenal starlet impressed many with his skills and style of play and obviously his awareness in the field.

Iwobi scored his debut goal for Arsenal in the win at Everton and found the net again in the 4-0 home victory over Watford in the premier league. The 19-year-old Nigerian performed a gun-shooting hand signal celebration. Mirror claims he has also quoted something his celebration when asked how the celebration came about. The youngster said:

“I can’t describe the feeling (of scoring),”

“I started losing my head and the celebration… I don’t know where that came from, but I’m sticking with it now!”

“The best way to describe it is that it’s my number (45), and the Gunners (are) Arsenal.

“I was just excited and also my friends told me to do something crazy, so it was for them.”

Alex Iwobi believes his debut against Barcelona at the UEFA Champions League round of 16, followed by the goal at the Goodison Park, which helped the Gunners to snatch a victory, earned him his place in the first-team. The 19-year-old is happy with his current club as he added:

“I already felt at home [in the team] but that goal made me a bit more confident

“It made me try a few more things and made me feel a bit more relaxed so I was happy to get it.”


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