Former Chelsea star blasts at Mourinho: DAMAGES his own players

Agnibha Ghosh / 13 November 2015

Former Chelsea defender Filipe Luis has blasted Jose Mourinho, the player says Mourinho’s press interviews ”damages” his own players, he call the effect of the interviews ” damaging”.

Chelsea are now languishing at the bottom half of the table, with the relegation zone breathing down their neck.

Mourinho has openly criticized his players at times before and again.

The defender, who has moved to his former club Atletico Madrid after just one season at Chelsea was under the cuss of Mourinho, as ”The Special One” said in the press that Luis needs to improve his work rate big time.

In an interview with Yahoo, Filipe Luis has opened up about Mourinho.

Filipe Luis says: “He has his way of talking to the press, especially when the team loses, which can sometimes be damaging to certain players. Some players benefit from criticism but for others they don’t.”

Luis added: “Sometimes he’s right and sometimes he’s not. Sometimes people think what he says is absurd and sometimes they agree with him. It’s the way he is and the way he works – I see it as normal.”

He has also revealed what he think of his tenure at Chelsea, “I consider my time with Chelsea a personal triumph,” he said. “In one year I won two titles – one being the Premier League. I have a trophy at home that not many people have and in possibly the most competitive league in the world.”

He says Mourinho’s array of comments have very different effects on different players: “Some players benefit from criticism but for others they don’t.”

Mourinho’s outspoken nature has also got him into trouble many times, with the manager being fined for over £141,000 since 2013.

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