Jose Mourinho hits back Man Utd legend

Snehanjan Banerjee / 06 August 2015

Former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand claimed Stones would be a ‘lunatic’ to sign for Chelsea and sit on the bench.

The Blues have been closely linked to Stones and have already had two official bids for the Everton centre-half turned down.

But Mourinho bristled at Ferdinand’s suggestions.

He said: “I don’t speak about players from other clubs when the competition starts in two days but maybe Rio has a contract with Manchester United?,” Mourinho said.

“With any player at Chelsea, how much he plays depends on him and not me.

“People often talk about the chances we give to young English players and maybe that’s a good excuse for the young players to be where they are.”

“For the good of English football, you should go the other way and ask if these players are ready to get the chance.”

Mourinho further added: “I had this internal discussion at the club the other day. Must the manager give confidence to a player or should the player give confidence to the manager?”


John Stones has been impressive for the last two seasons at Goodison Park and has attracted interest from Chelsea as well as Manchester United.

The 21 year old defender is regared as a key part of England’s future and it will be interesting to see where the player’s future lies.

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