The biggest story of this season’s Premier League has been the convincing title challenge mounted by one Leicester City, a team that escaped relegation the season before on the final day.

Not many expected to see the Foxes at the top of the table going into February but Claudio Ranieri has worked wonders with a squad he accumulated in the summer and is now on the verge of lifting his first Barclays Premier League trophy.

However, it is not all easy for Leicester City as a similar story unfolded just two seasons ago.

In the 2013-14 season, Liverpool, under Brendan Rodgers mounted a similar challenge only to end up with nothing at the end of the season.

There is a canny resemblance between the journeys of both the sides towards the summit of the point table.

Both the clubs hardly had any other competition to worry about domestically and in Europe. Liverpool were knocked out of both the domestic cups early in the season just like Leicester were in this season but the league form is what is so shocking.

Liverpool two years ago had Luis Suarez up front who just couldn’t stop scoring. But he was not everything in the club. Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling, Coutinho and the most important of all Steven Gerrard were also present in the squad for the Reds in their title challenge.

Ranieri has a similar kind of group with Jamie Vardy playing the role of Luis Suarez. Vardy broke Ruud van Nistelrooy’s record this season and is consistently finding the back of the net even in big games.

Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante have kept the transition from defense to attack fluid like the likes of Gerrard did for Liverpool. It is easy to understand why both the clubs were happy playing just a game in the week.

The lack of other competitions has given the squad and the manager plenty of time to think about each game and put forth their best every time they were out on the field.

But the biggest resemblance is the fact that neither team were really expected to stay strong even after a good start to the season. Both teams in the respective seasons were able to hold on to their confidence and have blown away teams that were supposed to be hard to beat.

Liverpool, however, were not able to go on to lift the trophy thanks to some ordinary results in the last three games but finished second and went to the Champions League which was also disastrous in the next season.

They lost Luis Suarez to Barcelona and Sturridge to injury, leaving them powerless in front of goal.

Leicester City, however, have all the makings of a champion team and look like they are very close to lifting the trophy with just 12 games to go in the season.

But they have a number of tough games still to come and though a Champions League spot is guaranteed, they will not really be looking to build for the next season as a number of star players including Mahrez and Vardy might just move on to the end of the season.

From a neutral’s point of view, Leicester should be winning the title but if the Premier League has taught us anything in recent times, it is just not a foregone conclusion that the Foxes are the Champions this season.

Let’s hope for the Premier League as a whole that Leicester City can go on to win the title without any Gerrardesque slip in the final few games.


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