Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli was once again racially abused after he took a dig at Manchester United embarrassing defeat to Leicester City. Leicester City defeated United 5-3 after trailing 1-3 at the King Power stadium.

Balotelli posted “Man Utd…LOL” on twitter just after the game and he started receiving racist abuse. Balotelli got over 180,000 retweets for his dig at Manchester United and caused a stir on twitter.


Soon anti-racism groups came forward to support Balotelli and demanded action. Kick It Out have announced that they will be reporting the invective to the relevant authorities.


A spokesperson said: “We extend our support to Mario Balotelli after the appalling racist abuse directed at him on Twitter earlier today. A large number of social media users alerted us to the messages by tweeting our official account and we have since reported this via True Vision – the police’s online reporting facility.

“During the 2013-14 season, 50% of all complaints submitted to us from across the game related to social media abuse. The issue has been escalating and we urge fellow social media users to assist in bringing this type of abuse to the attention of the authorities by reporting directly to True Vision.”

Merseyside police said: “We can confirm officers are looking into offensive comments made on Twitter about Mario Balotelli earlier today.”

Earlier in July, Mario Balotelli spoke to GQ magazine regarding the racist abuses he has received in Italy.

“They aren’t used to seeing people who are different, not white, who act not as rebels but normally,” he said. “I think what the ignorant people don’t like is that people who are different are allowed to act that way. These stupid people, they get angry with me, they say horrible things, but I haven’t done anything different from other people.

“I have made mistakes, like everyone does, and I have always paid for my mistakes. I think that if I was white maybe some people would still find me irritating or annoying but it wouldn’t be the same. Absolutely not. Jealousy is a horrible thing but, when this jealousy is towards people who are different from the majority and who maybe also have more than you, then it becomes anger, it becomes rage and that’s the overt racism.”

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