Cristiano Ronaldo is supposedly having a bad season.

Real Madrid’s talisman has just the 22 goals so far, which by most ordinary standards wouldn’t be a bad tally.

However, as much as the 32-year-old likes to play down his rivalry with Leo Messi, the fact that the Argentine has netted 38 times this term must be in the back of his mind.

The ‘Ronaldo or Messi’ debate is getting a little old. Both are sensational players, and although they’re rated as the best in the world, they have very different styles.Image result for ronaldo fitness training

Messi may be the trickier of the two, but when it comes to power and muscle, there’s only one winner.

The Portuguese may be in his 30s, but he still has strength that most footballers can only dream of.

Launching his new chain ‘CR7 Crunch Fitness’, Ronaldo was asked the secret behind his famous six-pack.


Presumably, the idea of opening his own gym is so that normal people can emulate him, but that’s probably not going to happen for the average man on the street.

As reported in the Mirror, the Los Blancos superstar has as vigorous an exercise routine as you might expect.

When asked whether he did 3,000 sit-ups in one day, he responded:

“I do them 4-5 times a week, but the minimum is 200-300.

“It’s about the maintenance. but you should try and avoid doing too many – when you do that you get a hernia or problems with your discs.

“They are the basic exercise, really good for the front and the back, but 3000? No, I don’t even do 3,000 a week.”Image result for ronaldo fitness training

All the same, we wouldn’t fancy most people’s chances of 300 sit-ups a day.

Of course, there’s also a lot more to his game than just power. Any Adebayo Akinfenwa can be strong on the ball.

Ronaldo doesn’t seem to have got any less vain over the years, but he now has the important task of keeping Madrid at the top of La Liga.

Zinedine Zidane’s men lead Barcelona by two points and have a game in hand, though Luis Enrique’s side are certainly the masters of the comeback.


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