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La Liga is set for another tight finish as the winner will be decided on Matchday 38 once again.

Real Madrid is going into the final day three points clear at the top and ahead of their arch rivals Barcelona who are also in the hunt.

A point on the final day would seal the league title for Real Madrid which will also be their first La Liga title in five years.

However, funny things did happen in the history of La Liga when sides lost their place in the top on the final match day to hand over the trophy to their rivals.

There have been 35 instances in La Liga history when the title was not decided until the final day and the current season will mark 36th instance.

The race got fiercer in the recent years as Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have all fought hard to win the prestigious title. But Barcelona has managed to dominate the league as they won all but two league titles since the 2008-09 season.

Real Madrid is currently at 90 points at the top while Barca is at 87 points at the end of 37 league games. Los Blancos will face Malaga on the final day at LA Rosaleda Stadium, which is considered as one of the toughest places to visit in Spain. On the other hand, Barcelona will face Eibar at Camp Nou on the final match day as they look all set to clinch three points.

In the 35 previous times when a top team went into the final day without the title being decided, the top teams have flunked their lead on six instances in La Liga history.

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The last instance when the league title was lost on the final day was way back in 1994, when Barcelona managed to make a comeback to clinch the title on 38th Match Day as Deportivo drew 0-0 to Valencia at home.

The Blaugrana have also managed to manage a similar feat in their previous two seasons as Real Madrid suffered disappointing defeats in the final league match to hand their arch rivals league title in 1992 and 1993.

The other three instances when a top team lost the title going into final match day were Athletic Club in 1982/83, Valencia in 1946/47, and Atletico Madrid in 1939/40.

Real Madrid is looking positive to win the league title this year as they have lacked domestic success in the recent past and to win La Liga would be a huge statement for their rivals.

They have only managed two league titles in the past decade and Zidane could be the latest manager to help the club win both La Liga and Champions League.

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