Zinedine Zidane, the newly minted coach of Real Madrid has stated that Cristiano Ronaldo will not be sold amongst speculation that he might be available over the summer. It was widely reported that the Portuguese finisher would end up at PSG or back to Manchester United over the summer as he was supposedly irritated by the Ancelloti sacking and subsequent lack of attention given to him by Rafa Benitez over the spent half of the season.

“Cristiano is more than non-transferable,” added the Frenchman.

“He is the soul of the team. He’s going nowhere.”

In November, Val Gaal admitted his interest in bringing back the superstar but was quick to temper unreasonable expectations from the fans with a gung-ho approach:

“We are looking at all players, not just Ronaldo. But these players are mostly un-gettable.”

“With Ronaldo, let’s wait and hope.”

With Ronaldo’s tantrums over at the Madrid club getting much more frequent and the definite possibility of losing out the Ballon D’Or to Lionel Messi over the next month, it is anyone’s guess whether the temperamental forward would stay at the club or simply move on and rejoin the club he supposedly loves deep in his heart. Or he could chase even more money and look for a move to the French club, PSG and look to take on the goalscoring mantle from Zlatan Ibrahimovic who has admitted he will be leaving PSG over the summer.

The newly anointed boss at the Bernabeu will certainly look to keep the forward happy as he does chip in with goals if not the play over the season. The fact that he mentions words like “soul of the team” could be mere lip service to the star as he tries to make him assurances over his spot in the first eleven. The fact that Bale was upset over Benitez’s sacking could be even more compounded by the fact that Real might be looking to go back to the square one with Rafa’s hauling.

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