Update on Kavita Devi, The Next Big Name in the WWE From India

Arindam Paul / 09 August 2017

Back in the last decade, WWE acquired a massive force in the form of The Great Khali from India. This was their first attempt to get noticed by the fan base present in the subcontinent. The monster hailing from Punjab was given an abrupt push following his debut. In case you don’t remember, he defeated The Undertaker in the debut match.

Considering the already known face in our country, Khali was the one to put India on the USA pro-wrestling map. However, Khali’s success did not last long considering that who’s who of the WWE Superstars were at their prime at that point. Plus, the company did not have the path-breaking WWE Network that needed to get more subscriptions, every month.

The tradition of giving a one-off push to the non-native wrestlers was vanquished from the creative team due to the innovation of the path breaking, WWE Network. The biggest pro-wrestling promotion desperately wants to enter the Indian TV territory and hence came up with the idea of making Jinder Mahal, the reigning champion. Unlike, The Great Khali, he is holding the championship for more than three months which is a good sign for a former jobber like him.

Although WWE was successful to garner quite an attention by handing him the championship, the initial excitement of the crowd faded away since the Indian fans could not connect to him. This is due to the fact that Jinder was born and brought up in Toronto, Canada and not much related to his homeland of Punjab, India.

So, at this point, when WWE is in search of another true Indian that would help them, Kavita Devi might come handy. Billed from the land of five rivers, the former CWE (wrestling promotion run by Great Khali) competitor got a chance to participate in the Mae Young Classic event. This was a series comprising 32 elite female superstars from around the world and Kavita turned out one among them.

In case you don’t know, this woman with great potential lost the first round of matchup against a performer from Netherlands, Dakota Kai to get eliminated. However, this should not be considered as the end for her in the WWE. The company gives second chance to every talent who does possess potential and there should not be any exception for her, as well.

Kavita will get to train with the heavyweight names from the pro-wrestling industry at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida and hopefully someday will earn a chance to debut on the developmental territory known as WWE NXT. This will be her first step to make it to the main roster.

It will also be history in the making since no female wrestler from India had made it to the WWE, prior to her. The capacity itself gets bigger since the audience will have a natural sympathy for her which is the most needed for a wrestler.

As you can see in the given video, Kavita had a plethora of moves in her arsenal that needs to be polished. She is a hard-working performer and expected to get better in the near future undergoing rigorous training sessions in the performance centre.

Being an Indian wrestling lover, we definitely want to see more talents from our country to make it big at the core wrestling outskirts. Getting a chance on the grandest stage comes only once in a while. We can only hope that Kavita sticks to her determination and not get lost among the other talents present in the WWE. Someday, we will feel proud to have a Women’s Champion from our country with the female revolution going on worldwide.