WWE News: Huge Triple Threat Match to be Added to Summerslam Match Card

Arindam Paul / 04 August 2017

This week’s Raw was the second last episode before we get the Summerslam PPV in the month of August. This year, the event will be celebrating its 30th anniversary. Being the second biggest event of the PPV calendar, pretty big things will wait for us on the show, for sure. The rivalries that will be culminating into matches are at their very peak, right now.

Speaking of this leads us to a brewing feud that might pave the way for a huge triple threat tag team action at the biggest event of the summer on August 20th. There was a matchup on this week’s Raw that witnessed the Hardy Boyz take on the Club members Gallows & Anderson. It was a simple match up but might have a bigger implication, going forward.

As we have seen on the show, The Hardyz was able to pick up the win against the “Good Brothers” of the WWE. However, that was not the end of the tale since Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson of The Revival was present on the ringside for commentary purposes and confronted the veteran team on the ramp.

This created a mayhem between the two teams with Matt and Jeff ultimately coming out on top putting away the Top Guys. The rivalry between these two teams has been ongoing for quite a few weeks now and it’s evident that they will lock horns at Summerslam.

But, we should also notice how Gallows and Anderson are also mixed up in between. Despite being a heel team, they are not on the same page with The Revival. So, according to the rumour mill, these three teams might be booked in a triple threat tag team contest or a three-way tag team melee for the Summerslam PPV. Considering these three are the very best teams in the tag division, this might end up being the show-stealer of the night.

Meanwhile, Matt and Jeff Hardy are constantly teasing with their returning ‘Broken’ gimmick. On a video from WWE.com, they talked with their bizarre accent, once again to hint the same. Probably, this is going to be their last rivalry as a tag team before they bring in this special gimmick back from their TNA days.