WWE News: Smackdown Women’s title match becomes triple threat at Summerslam

WWE News: Smackdown Women’s Title Match Becomes Triple Threat at Summerslam

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Smackdown women’s championship picture suddenly changed last night. We saw Charlotte Flair returning to the show after a hiatus of several weeks.

She came back to reclaim the title straight from the reigning champion, Carmella. The upcoming title match has now become a triple threat match with the inclusion of the genetically superior athlete.

The opening segment of Smackdown Live featured an interview with Becky Lynch. Renee Young was hosting the conversation until Carmella interrupted. She continued to insult her challenger for the entire segment.

James Ellsworth’s music started to play creating a distraction for Becky Lynch. Carmella took full advantage and hit her on the back.

She brought a chair inside the ring and intended to give a DDT to Becky on it. All of a sudden, Charlotte Flair’s music started to play, as she ran down to make the save. She connected with a huge boot following up with a suplex to keep Mella away of the ring. Initially, she was out to save the day for Becky.

But, suddenly it changed to a title opportunity. Carmella started talking trash to the Smackdown general manager in the backstage area. Paige became angry at this and announced the main event of the show. It was a rematch between Charlotte Flair and Carmella. The match stipulated that if Flair wins it, she gets added to the Summerslam championship match.

Becky Lynch was definitely not happy with this announcement. She was happy to be back in the title picture after almost two years of time. But now, The Queen is back to steal the spotlight from her at the biggest event of the summer. She did not waste the given opportunity on Smackdown and defeated the champion in quick time.

Carmella was trying to come up with some offensive moves during the middle of the match. But Charlotte delivered a moonsault and natural Selection, consecutively to take control.

Thereafter, she locked in the Figure Eight on the Princess of Staten Island to win the match via submission. With that being said, Charlotte has now joined Becky and Carmella in the Summerslam championship match.

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