Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena as the show started. Stephanie McMahon welcomed everyone to a ‘historic’ episode of Monday Night Raw as she said. She said that she felt good about that night because it was all about choices that night, she gave an example by saying that Daniel Bryan had a choice of whether he would do the right thing or not and surrender the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

She said to the fans that they wanted Daniel Bryan to compete night after night but he could not physically do it. She said that they did not want to be right in this case because his heart, his mind everything was there, Daniel Bryan wanted to be the fans’ champion but unfortunately, his body was a B+.

Fans did want Daniel Bryan to compete night after night but he simply could not because his body was not capable of doing it all. So Daniel Bryan would do the right thing by surrendering the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Triple H grabbed the mic he started by saying that he was sure he did not want to but he just could not so hopefully he would do the right thing. In every generation, there were some talented players who became superstars, but as time came they got burnt like Daniel Bryan. But there were some who became legends because they stood the test of time. Month after month, year after year, generation after generation, they stood tall because of their ability to adapt.

Daniel Bryan could not be the same but the one who would live long enough in the hearts of the fans that was Evolution. And at the following Sunday, at the Payback pay per view event, The Shield would find out in a no holds barred elimination match, they would find out that they could not stop Evolution.

Triple H announced a contract signing for the six man elimination no holds barred match where The Shield would have a choice. They could adapt and decide not to show up and went on to become legend in the future, or could sign the contract to perish.

Stephanie McMahon called out the general manager Brad Maddox who needed to be addressed. Brad Maddox came out to the arena and entered the ring.

Triple H said to Brad that last week Triple H announced that no one should be inside compacity crowd during Seth Rollins Batista’s match and that was best for business. Then Brad made a choice which was not best for business. He decided Dean Ambrose and Roman Reign came out to the arena to be the official guest commentators. Triple H asked Brad’s explanation for that.

Brad Maddox said that he did not want that but the Shield forced him to, he had no choice. Stephanie stopped him and said they currently did not have a choice.

Kane came out to the arena and as Kane was coming to the ring Triple h punched into the face of Brad. Kane went inside the ring and first chokslammed him and then hit a tomb stone pile driver. Stephanie McMahon fired Brad Maddox after that.

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